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I recently posted some pics of one of my latest obsessions, Champions of Midgard by Grey Fox Games, on my Instagram page. (If you’re not following me on Instagram… you should check my page out!  I keep a pretty up-to-date photo diary of all the games I’m playing.)

What I love about Champions of Midgard is the addition of some random chance that comes in the form of warrior dice. Players must compete over the action spaces to gather resources and build their army. But in order to score victory points, players must kill Trolls, Draugr, and mythical Monsters. To kill them, players roll their warrior dice. This adds a significant amount of random chance to the game, which most fans of the worker placement genre generally frown upon. However, for the mathematical prodigies out there, games that lack any random chance can be… dare I say… a bit dull. So these warrior dice make the game pretty exciting. You’re still competing over optimal action selection, but even the most well-laid plans can crumble if your warriors don’t fare well in battle. And for those players who abhor random chance? That’s where the Favor tokens come in. Use one of your workers to buy some Favor, and you’ll be able to offset the randomness of the warrior dice by letting you re-roll them.

champions of midgard board.png

This game is also super high quality. The board, the artwork, the cards, it’s all top notch. And who can resist the Viking theme?

Champions of Midgard does a great job of scratching the worker placement itch, while still providing some random chance to keep things interesting. And – it turns out a lot of other people really love this game too. Grey Fox Games is currently running a Kickstarter for a couple expansions!

Check it out here – I pledged at the Jarl level to get both of the expansions in an exclusive box!

What are some of your favorite worker placement games? I’d love to hear what you’re playing!

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