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This week, I’m starting something new. Previously, I’d always write a blog post on Mondays that featured news about Osprey Adrift. However, since we’re onto production and fulfilling the Kickstarter campaign (again – thank you all!), there’s not as much regular news on that front.

So, until I’m ready to reveal Plucky Robot’s next game, every Monday I’m going to shine the spotlight on a Kickstarter game that I’m backing. These Kickstarter Games of the Week are ones that–for whatever reason–caught my eye, be it because I’ve been following the creator for awhile, or I saw some photos on Instagram, or I heard about it on Twitter, or I saw it at a convention, or read about it somewhere online, or whatever!

This week’s game is The Stonebound Saga by Sky Kingdom Games.


This is Sky Kingdom Games’s first Kickstarter game, although it was launched previously as “Land of Zion.”  I was a backer of the original incarnation a few months ago, and it was truly disappointing to see the lack of support the game garnered. It looks downright amazing, and it’s completely obvious that these guys have put in a TON of work making this game as fun as possible and look as cool as possible. The visuals are stunning, and the gameplay reminds me a bit of an old video game fave of mine, Final Fantasy Tactics. (That’s how I’ve been selling the game to friends of mine – it’s hard to resist nostalgia… haha!)


The gameplay, I’m sure, is streamlined as heck – Sky Kingdom’s been working on this game for quite some time, and it has a very loyal and dedicated fan base. Their gameplay videos are phenomenal, and I can’t wait to get my copy and throw down with my brothers and friends!


But what sold me on the game is the lore! These guys know how to do worldbuilding right. The writer in me is a total sucker for fully fleshed-out worlds with complex characters that are more than just a set of statistics and 2-dimensional images. The world of The Stonebound Saga is a living, breathing, world that has a lot to love. It’s got a semi religious, almost mythic feeling to it, and that’s a tricky thing to balance. Any game that manages to be bigger than itself without coming across as cheesy or overdone is an A+ in my book. The Stonebound Saga fits the bill.


You guys can check out their Kickstarter here:

The Stonebound Saga

As of posting this, the game is fully funded and unlocking stretch goals, with 17 days to go!

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