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This week’s Kickstarter Game of the Week is Legendary Creatures by Pencil First Games.┬áThis is Pencil First Game’s 6th Kickstarter project – they’re the creative geniuses behind Hebaceous, which definitely lives up to its hype. So I’m really excited to see what Legendary Creatures brings.


Legendary Creatures is a deck and resource management game with some really cool artwork and custom meeples. (Have I mentioned I’m a sucker for super cool custom meeples?) The gameplay looks really tight, which is essential for a resource management game; and it’s brilliantly integrated into the charming theme of rearing these powerful (and adorable) mythical creatures.




As you can see, the components for Legendary Creatures are top-notch. It’s apparent that Pencil First has put in a lot of work to make sure this game looks as good as it plays. I’m so excited to play this one, that I’ve already begun recruiting people from my myriad gaming groups to try it out. Legendary Creatures looks like it’ll have a lot of appeal to more hardcore gamers (it’s a highly replayable resource management game that downplays the element of random chance) and more casual gamers alike (it has a very accessible theme and language-light components that make use of iconography instead).

Check it out on Kickstarter. As of posting this, Legendary Creatures has just 10 days remaining. It’s fully funded, and there’s even a pledge level to snag a copy of Herbaceous if you missed out on it before!

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