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This week’s Kickstarter Game of the Week is Bushido Breaker by Zach & White!

What initially grabbed me about Bushido Breaker was it’s phenomenal artwork – a sort of stark, black-white-and-red graphic design with pops of yellow and blue. It’s just gorgeous, and it serves as an example of how minimalism can be used effectively to not only convey the meaning behind game components but to create a cohesive visual theme. Bushido Breaker is a highly strategic and tactical game of cat-and-mouse where plenty of deep thought is required; any distractions caused by busy artwork would have been a disservice to this game.

After my initial interest was piqued by the brilliant visuals and I started digging into the actual gameplay, I was not disappointed.

As I mentioned, Bushido Breaker is essentially a game of cat-and-mouse. One side takes on the role of the samurai protecting the shogun, while the other side takes on the role of the ninjas who are stealthily moving through the castle to assassinate the shogun. The ninjas get to move and select actions secretly in order to achieve their goal, and it’s up to the samurai player(s) to deduce the ninjas’ locations and what they’re up to, playing countering actions to stop them.

bushido actions.jpg

It may seem simple, but it’s deceptively complex. ¬†Because of the way the game-state is set up (a bit like a cross), limited movement and the location in which actions trigger are how the samurai make their deductions. You can check out the set-up below, or better yet – check out the tutorial video for a description of how the game works here.

bushido gameplay.jpeg

Aside from using logic and process of elimination to make deductions, there’s also a huge psychological element as well: how well do you know your opponent? And do you think you can guess what their next action will be based on their pattern of attack so far? It’s the same kind of “will they or won’t they?” of paper-rock-scissors, but obviously with a lot more complexity.

The theme of Bushido Breaker is phenomenally done as well. The stealthy ninjas. The noble samurai. There’s even a mechanic involving the nightingale floors¬†of the castle – ninja players must announce their location when they move to one of these cards by saying, “chirp.”

Bushido Breaker reminds me a bit of a cross between the canon of light card-based deduction games like Saboteur and the old video game classic, Tenchu: Stealth Assassins. I can’t wait for this game, and it’s really exciting to see another fledgling game dev putting out something so cool.

As of writing this post, there’s just 8 days left on the Kickstarter campaign for Bushido Breaker. You can check it out here!

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