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This week’s Kickstarter Game of the Week is Rolling Empires by Fongomongo Games! This game scratches just about every itch I have when it comes to fantasy empire-building games:  It’s got engine-building. It’s got area control. It’s got resource management. It’s got a great fantasy theme. And… it’s got tons of custom dice. (Hence the name “Rolling Empires.”)

Players start with 6 dice that represent the minions they control. Of course, these are just basic grunts, but over the course of the game, players use resources to purchase more dice to their bags, allowing them to do bigger and better things.


Dice 2.gif

I really love the idea of using dice to represent your troops (a mechanic used in other games like Champions of Midgard and Masmorra. You can check my thoughts on those games over yonder and yonder) because it’s a much more tactile and exciting way to represent your army. With miniatures, sure, you’ve got neat looking figures, but they’re completely static in terms of gameplay –  you’ve got to use dice/cards/tokens/etc to handle the actual meat of the game anyway. Rolling Empires offers 22 different custom dice across its six factions. I’m excited to get all those pretties in my hands and give them a good shake. 😛

The area control aspect of Rolling Empires looks especially cool as well. Players begin the game with a single city tile, and use their dice to take over adjacent tiles and even wage war against other players. Controlling specific types of tiles earns you a bigger empire… and, of course, points,.

Area Control.gif

One of the coolest aspects of Rolling Empires is the asymetry of the six different factions. This is a tricky thing to get right from a game design standpoint, but it looks like Rolling Empires handles it very well. I love games that feature asymetrical player powers because it adds a lot to the game’s replayability factor. And, inevitably, players will choose favorites, which can lead to some metagame competitiveness as players begin to take things personal. Never a bad thing in my book! Fan the flames of war! Haha!


I can’t wait to get ahold of this game. Everything about it looks utterly fantastic! As of writing this post, Rolling Empires has just 5 days left on Kickstarter – so be sure to check it out here while you can.

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