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This week’s Kickstarter Game of the Week is Now Boarding by Tim Fowers!

I wasn’t even aware of this fun pickup-and-deliver game until my graphic designer friend Kaela (aka: designer for all the amazing card elements & box for Osprey Adrift) sent me a link. Kaela was smitten by the graphic design for Now Boarding – and I have to admit, it looks pretty snazzy!  The logo is eye-catching and the entire visual design has a lot of simplicity and focus – two important things to consider when designing a tabletop game.

Now Boarding is a really great looking game that puts a fun spin on the typical pickup-and-deliver genre:  it’s timed!  Yes, you read that right. Now Boarding makes use of a timer mechanic to it’s gameplay, in that players have just 30 seconds to take their turns… simultaneously!


I’m a huge fan of games that use simultaneous action selection. But Now Boarding takes it a step further by requiring players to make their full turn – strategic choices, selection, and all, simultaneously! Now Boarding’s core gameplay revolves around complex logistical decisions – which routes should you take? How do you keep your cool?? all in a neatly packed framework of a co-operative pickup-and-deliver game. Yes, you also read that right. Now Boarding is a co-operative game. Did I neglect to mention that bit of awesomeness?

Now Boarding ticks all the checkboxes for me for a game that is a must-play – it’s got great artwork and visual design, it asks players to make meaningful choices without making them prone to paralysis (helleuw, 30 second timer!), AND it brings players together with its cooperative gameplay. I can’t wait to get my copy of this game, and if any of this sounds appealing to you, then make sure you check it out too. As of posting this, it’s only got 15 days left on Kickstarter – like any other Kickstarter game, it may not have a huge retail life after the campaign, so be sure to back it if it tickles your fancy! Until next time gang,

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