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I’m not generally the type of gamer who sees a game that’s marketed as an ‘educational’ game and says, “Hey! I could totally get into this!” because, well… educational games are generally not that fun.

So I was surprised when I stumbled upon Potato Pirates by Codomo. Potato Pirates uses the tagline of teaching “10 Hours of Programming in 30 Minutes” but what really made me fall in love with this little game is… it’s actually a fun game! ┬áSimple concept really, but the creators of Potato Pirates did a phenomenal job of creating gameplay fit for younger gamers AND older gamers, while STILL creating something that teaches real skills.

So. Full disclaimer: I am not a programmer. I learned a little bit of Basic when I was a kid, and a teensy bit of C++ as a teenager, but really only enough to create my own nerdy little choose-your-own adventure games. But Potato Pirates makes me want to learn programming, for real. I know that the basic concepts of functions, loops, conditionals, etc that Potato Pirates teaches are a completely different story from the difficult work of learning coding (commands, syntax, ugh) but, Potato Pirates plants that seed, so to speak. It’s a great game for kids to play if you want to pique their interest in programming without being heavy-handed or forceful. AND it’s a great game for adults too because it’s, like I said… a great game.

potato pirates 1.png

potato pirates 2.gif

potato pirates 3.gif

potato pirates 4.gif

potato pirates 5.gif

potato pirates 6.gif


And, c’mon. Look at how freaking cute that artwork is. C’mon.

Potato Pirates is the perfect game for teaching the principles of programming, without being a turn-off. If you’re as excited as me for it, be sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign! Until next time, gang. Keep it plucky!




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