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This week, I’m spotlighting the cheeky, irreverant, and terribly fun Drinking Quest: Liquor Before Honor by Jason Anarchy!

Word of (rather obvious) warning: This isn’t a game for kids. It involves chugging your drink in order to bring your character back to life. So. Ya know. I mean, I suppose you could chug juice or chocolate milk or something, but that’s just not the same.

Now, I haven’t played the original Drinking Quest games, but I’m super excited to get into this iteration. Drinking Quest: Liquor Before Honor purports to be a perfect game for both new and returning players, so I’m pumped to dive into the world of Drinking Quest for the first time with this one. What I love most about drinking quest is the overall tone. It’s a game that obviously doesn’t take itself too seriously; the characters’ names are¬†Chuglox, Daiquirin, Bartlebut and Annoying Sidekick, for instance. C’mon. That’s just hilarious! The world, the writing, the artwork – everything about Drinking Quest is a fun satire of “serious” RPGs. Now, I’ve been an RPGer since I was in the 4th grade, and I have rather fond memories of playing Palladium Fantasy, Trinity, and Dugeons & Dragons (Nerd alert!), but these have a tendency to take themselves a bit too seriously. As an adult, it’s hard to justify spending hours and hours and weeks and weeks doing something that tries really hard to be serious, but is ultimately just a game. Drinking Quest solves that problem – it’s super light, it’s not time-consuming, and it pokes fun at a lot of the tropes common to fantasy roleplaying games. All while being the perfect drinking game.

Gameplay in Drinking Quest: Liquor Before Honor is structured around the use of cards, which is helpful considering players are likely to be inhibriated while playing. (It’s a lot easier to keep track of where everyone is by using cards, rather than relying on memory, complicated diagrams, fiddly little miniatures, etc.). In addition, the artwork on the cards is fantastic, and fits the irreverent theme extremely well.

drinking quest 2.jpg

drinking quest 3.jpg

I can’t wait to get this game! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a solid tabletop game that uses drinking as a core mechanic – kinda beating myself up that I never played the previous Drinking Quest games! If this latest and greatest edition sounds like something you might enjoy, be sure to check out the Kickstarter – as of posting this, there’s just 18 days left!

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