Hey, gang! This week’s Kickstarter Game of the Week is Mythic Arcana by Tau Leader Games!

Now, I’m a huge fan of mythology in general. Age of Mythology will always be superior to Age of Empires; I’m able to recall the Greek pantheon before I can recall a U.S. state capital; and in my mind, Wednesday and Thursday are Odin’s Day and Thor’s Day. So I was gobmacked to see Mythic Arcana on Kickstarter – it’s a mash-up of some of my favorite classical mythologies, from Greek to Norse to Hindu to Egyptian to Shinto.

Athena and Fujin.pngMythic Arcana is a small-box game with 70 tarot sized cards (YES!) I cannot explain how excited I get when I see card games come in tarot size. Not only because they’re extra tall to show off full-body artwork, but also because I can put them on my bookshelf with my actual tarot decks. (The Eagles’ Witchy Woman plays in the background.) The cards of Mythic Arcana feature some phenomenal illustrations done by the talent powerhouse Tim McBurnie (Editions Delcourt, Gunfire Games, Ankama, Blur studios, Blizzard Entertainment, and Wizards of the Coast), and are some of the coolest depictions of mythological dieties I’ve seen. I’m not an artist by any stretch of the term, but I do have eyes and a basic understanding of what goes into creating visual media. For so many disparate world mythologies to become a seamless blend of one cohesive visual style is no small feat. I would never have imagined that Athena and Fujin could appear side-by-side and look like they came from the same universe, but lo and behold, Mythic Arcana manages to achieve it beautifully.

Gameplay in Mythic Arcana uses a tableau and dice-rolling mechanic wherein a draftable set of gods appear face-up for all players to see. Players roll dice to see which gods they can draft, and in doing so, can activate their special powers. (Some powers trigger upon draft, while others require a bit more strategic thinking as they activate when the god is exhausted or destroyed.) The gods’ powers are all balanced along the core conceit of gameplay in Mythic Arcana – they will affect dice rolls, bolster your gods, or meddle with your opponents’ gods in some way. Since the objective of the game is to collect a complete set of one god from each domain–Heavens, Life, Wisom, War, and Death–every move in the game revolves around trying to achieve this, while preventing your opponents from doing the same.

Mythic Arcana cards.png

I’m super pumped for this game – in today’s gaming climate of heavy Euros and massive miniatures games, it’s refreshing to see an elegant and beautifully designed small-box game that ticks all the boxes for what a game should do. Mythic Arcana is a gem of a game, and I cannot wait to see the campaign succeed.

Be sure to check out Mythic Arcana on Kickstarter – as of writing this, the campaign’s got just 12 days to go!

Until next time, gang. Keep it plucky,

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