Hey, gang! This week’s Kickstarter Game of the Week is Nemesis by Awaken Realms.

Nemesis combines my love of futuristic sci fi horror and badass miniatures, and puts them into a co-operative board game that looks so, so good!

You and up to four other players have just prematurely awoken from hypersleep aboard your ship, and something isn’t quite right… The ship’s systems are down, the decks are littered with twisted metal, shattered glass, and blood. You and your crewmates are not alone.

nemesis 2.jpg

What’s great about Nemesis is its innovative take on the tried-and-true genre:  yes, you and your friends are all working together to combat the intruders. However, the game is only semi-cooperative. Players are obviously working together to survive, but players also have their own motivations in the form of secret objectives, which may complement–or contradict–one another. This really adds to the worldbuilding and immersiveness of Nemesis, making it more realistic as well as more dramatic. Imagine the ultimate sci fi horror movie Alien without its flawed and sometimes self-serving characters. Yeah, sure, the big bad was the central antagonist. But, at it’s core, Alien was a movie about human fear and what we do to one another in the face of that fear. Nemesis takes a page from this kind of sci fi horror story and transforms it into a tabletop game — a gorgeous one, at that.

nemesis minis2.jpgI’ve often said that for a miniatures game to be successful on Kickstarter it needs–first and foremost–amazing miniatures. This is just a fact. The first thing people notice about any Kickstarter campaign is the visuals (whether it’s the video, the design of the layout, or the actual product itself), and when a campaign says “miniatures game,” potential backers will first hone in on… you guessed it: the miniatuers. Nemesis boasts some truly awesome looking miniatures to populate its survival-horror world. Take a look at the crew and some of the alien intruders, and be the judge for yourself. Each of the playable miniatures represents one of the archetypal characters we’ve all grown fond of in the genre. The grizzled and respected captain, the hard-nosed and confident pilot, the nerdy and inquisitive scientist, the brazen and roguish scout, and the heroic and combat-ready soldier. Of course, how the characters interact is also important. As I mentioned, Nemesis’s gameplay is semi-cooperative. These fellow crewmates are all working together to survive. But, in the face of terror and survival… who can you trust?

Still, at its core, Nemesis is a game of survival and exploration. A huge part of the gameplay revolves around exploring the derelict space ship. With each new room explored, players will uncover some sort of special action or useful piece of gear that will help them stay alive. But, staying true to its survival horror nature, if players explore too much, they’ll make noise – which could have disastrous results. This adds an element of press-your-luck that plays very well in a survival horror game. Players have to make decisions and take risks every step of the way. Making a wrong decision or taking on too great of a risk could turn you and your friends into a red splatter on the walls of the ship…

nemesis minis.png

I’m pumped for Nemesis, because my collection is in dire need of more co-operative titles. And its sci-fi horror theme is right up my alley. If Nemesis sounds as cool to you as it does to me, or even if you’re unfamiliar with the genre and want to see what it’s all about, be sure to check out the campaign on Kickstarter. As of writing this, it’s got just 15 days to go.

Until next time, gang. Keep it plucky!


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