Hey, gang! This week’s Kickstarter Game of the Week is Planet Apocalypse by Sandy Peterson.

I absolutely love co-op games, and this one looks like it’ll be downright epic. There’s nothing like the experience of getting some friends together and pitting yourselves against a daunting challenge – either you stand together and succeed, becoming the stuff of legends… or you fall, forever forgotten. Coming together to beat a co-operative game is so unlike playing competitive games. Instead of potentially sore feelings and bruised egos, you’ll end the night with a story that everyone feels like they’re a part of… even if you did all get axed by a demonic hellhound, never to be heard from again. ><

Planet Apocalypse takes place in a unique modern hellscape that combines elements of survival horror with post-apocalyptic sci fi. From the playable characters to the demons you’ll face as a team, everything is fully fleshed out and feels full of character. You and up to four friends will take the role of hardened survivors who must battle demons from the depths of hell. Of course, having fantastic artwork and gorgeous miniatures definitely helps with the worldbuilding. I mean, just take a look at some of the minis of Planet Apocalypse:


In all, the core game comes with 29 epic-sized figures, not including stretch goals (check the picture for their relative heights… these minis are big!) Of course, there’s also a couple expansions available if you pledge at the Fiend level – I’m seriously considering shelling out the extra money to get my hands on the awesome looking Magdalene and Tarasque miniatures. In all, the Fiend level gives you 8 more giant-sized miniatures, plus all the other components needed to use them in your games.

The core gameplay in Planet Apocalypse is similar to many other co-op miniature games: each player controls a single hero who can perform different actions such as collecting items, battling the enemy, or supporting your friends. However, Planet Apocalypse adds an element of tower-defense into the mix. Demon minions may escape the board, spelling doom for you and your fellow survivors.

planet apocalypse 2.jpg

If you’re into co-op games, survival horror, unique worlds, and fantastic miniatures, be sure to check out the Kickstarter page for more info on this awesome looking game! As of writing this, there’s just 14 days to go in the campaign.

Until next time, gang. Keep it plucky,

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