This week’s Kickstarter Game of the Week is Kami-sama by Kolossal Games!

This is one of the most gorgeous looking games I’ve seen on Kickstarter in awhile, and it’s exciting to see this campaign generate so much interest! From the round board, to the beautiful character art to the colorful tokens and markers – this game has a fantastic overal aesthetic that will look great on the table. And with gameplay reminiscent of Kolossal’s hugely popular first title (Western Legends), I have complete confidence that it’ll be an awesome game as well. Asymetrical player powers and card drafting make this area control game insanely replayable. This is a game that–if it’s as good as I expect it is–will make it onto the table again and again!

kami-sama kami.gif

For a fantastic how-to-play video by Kolossal, click here – it gives a great rundown of the gameplay.

This actually brings me to a point I wanted to make, and one of the reasons why I think the Kami-sama campaign is so great: Gameplay videos are something that I think a lot of Kickstarter creators overlook, but can build a tremendous amount of trust with backers. Not only are you putting all of the game out there in its entirety, but you took the time to produce it in a way that’s accessible and easy to understand. With Osprey Adrift, I simply made the rulebook available for backers to read (which is something I definitely plan on doing with future titles), but I never took the time to put together a full gameplay video. Far too often with Kickstarter games, creators use the mandatory video to showcase a slick (sometimes overproduced) trailer for the game, and then that’s that. Trailers are great, because they can capture the tone and feel of a game… but I think campaigns are far more effective when the masthead video includes gameplay, or–even better–the creator embeds a full gameplay video on the page – just as Kolossal did with Kami-sama.

kami-sama 2.jpg

Another fantastic thing that makes Kami-sama so great is that they’re offering not one… but TWO expansions along with the Kickstarter. The Awakening and Spirit Way expansions add even more cards and mechanics to the game, and thus add even more to its replayability. I love the option of adding them in as different backer levels, because it gives people the option to splurge if they want to, without forcing every bit of ‘additional’ content. (Although… if we’re being honest, I pledged at the Kami level to get BOTH expansions, because, c’mon.)

I’m so pumped for this game – I cannot wait to get ahold of it! If you’re interested, be sure to swing over to the Kickstarter page and check it out. As of writing this post, there’s just 2 weeks left in the campaign.

Until next time, gang. Keep it plucky,

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