Hey, gang! This week’s Kickstarter Game of the Week is Robin Hood and the Merry Men by Final Frontier Games!

Like Final Frontier’s previous Kickstarter titles (Cavern Tavern and Rise to Nobility), Robin Hood is stunningly gorgeous. Just take a look for yourself:

robin hood 2.jpg

Y’all. When I say this game satisfies my need for beautiful fiddly bits… I’m not kidding. The above picture obviously shows off the quality of the artwork and visual design, but it doesn’t fully reveal the next-levelness of the fiddlier components: custom resources, traps, barricades, cards, dice, coins, and a TON of meeples. If you’re new to my blog or you’ve never met me, then you don’t know about my love for dumping a huge box full of colorful tokens and markers onto the table, sorting it out, and doing battle over said colorful tokens and markers. It sounds reductive… but trust me. I’m a simple soul. I like colorful bits and bobs. 😛

In terms of gameplay, one thing that causes Robin Hood to stand out from other similarly fiddly Euros is its semi-cooperative nature. Yes, it’s true that each player is taking on the role of one of the storied characters from Robin Hood lore and vying for control over resources… but players must also work together to halt King Richard’s men from invading the forest.

robin hood 3.jpg

Up to four players are working together (and backstabbing each other) to control the Sherwood Forest of Nottingham.

This will be a fantastic addition to any gamer’s collection; but I especially want to add it to mine because I need more Euro titles that are accessible. And Robin Hood and the Merry Men is about as accessible as they come. It’s got a fantastic (and recognizable) theme, top-notch production quality, and it’s semi-cooperative – meaning there aren’t as many sore feelings at the end of the night… causing Euro newbies to mutter, “Screw you guys… I’ll never play this again.” Oh, the horror. But it’s happened with other games before. Robin Hood and the Merry Men–I can tell–will be a huge hit on game night, and I can’t wait to see this campaign blow through even more stretch goals.

If you’re as excited for this game as I am, be sure to head over to the Kickstarter page – as of writing this, there’s 15 days left in the campaign. Until next time gang!

Keep it plucky,

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