Hey, gang! This week’s Kickstarter Game of the Week is Sorcerer City by Druid City Games!

I’m excited for this game from powerhouse publisher Druid City Games – especially now because I just recently got ahold of my Kickstarter copy of Grimm Forest, and it is top notch! From a product standpoint, Druid City is definitely an inspiration to me, and I’m thrilled to see another awesome looking game from them!

The game designer on Sorcerer City is Scott Caputo – the brains behind Whistle Stop, yet another fave of mine. Both Scott and Druid City Games have set a high bar, and I have complete confidence that Sorcerer City is going to deliver some awesome, magical goodness! I mean, check out the main splash image from the Kickstarter page:

sorcerer city 2

While it’s probably apparent from the picture, Sorcerer City is primarily a tile placement game. Players are competing to build Sorcerer City in an effort to be top dog… er… top Sorcerer-Architect. Players score different resources in a few ways, dictated by the displayed goal on the tiles: one goal requires players to create groups of like-colored tiles, another requires creating lines of like-colored tiles, and another requires surrounding the tile with other goal shields.

My immediate thought was how great it is that we’ve got a Carcassonne-esque tile placement game that has several different resources scored using several different scoring methods. The tiles themselves are quite gorgeous, as well, and I amĀ always interested in a cardboard creeper. There’s something so satisfying about connecting tiles on the table.

However, what’s truly exciting about Sorcerer City is that the tile placement happens in real time. Yes, there’s a timer. And yes, it’s actually a ton of fun. Players each have to build their own city in the best possible configuration in just two minutes – the element of the ticking clock is a great addition to a tile-placement game because it helps to cut down on analysis paralysis (which tile placement games can be somewhat prone to), and this keeps the game moving along at a rolicking pace.

Of course, Sorcerer City is more than just a real-time tile-placement game. Once players have built their cities and score resources, they’ll earn some bonuses and then purchase additional tiles from the market place. This adds an element of deckbuilding to Sorcerer City, which I love – players need to be quick in the build phase and think tactically to play their tiles one after another, AND players have to think strategically in what new tiles they want to add to their stack… because, each round, the cycle continues as players have to rebuild their city in a 2-minute timeframe to score resources again. Lastly, throw in a “monster phase” each round to add some wackiness in the form of monster tiles that get seeded into each player’s stack – which wreak havoc during the city building phase.

All of the seemingly disparate mechanics actually work extremely well together in Sorcerer City – it’s so well-crafted and smooth, that it comes with the tagline of “Carcassonne, Dominion, and Galaxy Trucker combined into a magical strategy game.” That’s a big promise. But I’m so giddy to get this game, because it actually lives up to that promise.

Make sure you swing by the Kickstarter page for Sorcerer City and take a look for yourself. As of writing, it’s got 18 days to go before the campaign closes.

Oh – and definitely worth mentioning – backing at the deluxe level gives you a whole ton of additional goodies… including metal Prestige coins… thatĀ interlock(!) Y’all. Grab a little eye candy from the bowl on your way out:

sorcerer city 3.png

Until next time, gang! Keep it plucky,

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