Hey, gang! This week’s Kickstarter Game of the Week is Dead Throne by Sharkee Games!

I’m so pumped for this game… not only has it been on my list for a minute… but the campaign is funded and unlocking stretch goals.  I’ve been following Dead Throne for a minute, and I’m so glad to see it succeeding!

Dead Throne is an open world questing and exploration game… which is a massive undertaking for a game developer to do. Not only do you need to design fun and replayable gameplay, but you need to create a world, complete with the requisite story and lore. You’re essentially building an entire universe for players to get lost in.

It’s a difficult task – because you need to captivate the players’ attention for a full 1, 2, 3+ hours of gameplay, but it also needs to be… replayable. Otherwise, the game will just sit on the shelf, either never to be played again, or traded/sold to another gamer. Thankfully, there’s been a plethora of amazing open world exploration games lately. Fallout by Fantasy Flight is one such game, and it remains on my dining room table… a full two months after the date I first played it! (For those of you who don’t know me… that’s a long time. I rarely keep games out in the open because, well, I’m a tad OCD and like to keep my apartment neat and tidy, with all my board games relegated to the IKEA shelves.)

And Dead Throne delivers. Trust me, and just check out the page if you’re in doubt. Dead Throne has just 10 map tiles (more with stretch goals… wink, wink) which are downright HUGE. Normally, when a game has hex tiles to represent map locations, they might be a solid 3 or 4 inches in diameter. But the tiles in Dead Throne are almost a foot long. You may need a large playing area to get everying on the table, and the artwork on the tiles is phenomenal!

dead throne map.jpg


Not only are the tiles top-notch and huge, but they lend themselves perfectly to the expandable nature of the game. Sharkee Games has even said the game’s expandable, and the components fully support that claim.

Probably the best thing about Dead Throne (well, besides the amazing open world content) is the “Mechanical Market”.

Yeah, you read that right. Mechanical Market.

Dead Throne’s components include an amazing box design that includes space for the over 500 cards. And it’s built in to the box. Yeah. The box is a game component! Imagine playing an open-world video game. Now imagine that the menu is a fully functional, fully interactive, fully tangible thing that you can pull your actions, items, and decisions from. That’s how Dead Throne works. The entire deckbuilding and item stashing and questing gameplay centers around this Mechanical Market.

dead throne mechanical market.png


That’s over 500 cards crammed into the Mechanical Market. And Sharkee Games has even said they want to expand the game. <3

What’s even better about Dead Throne is that it’s a 1-7 player game. That means you can play a well-crafter solo mode, AND play with some friends (slash frenemies).

If you’re into PvP and open-world exploration, you should definitely check out the campaign for Dead Thone. And in case you were wondering… yes… we’ve already unlocked playable miniatures for the 1-7 players! (solo mode? yes, please!)

Check out Dead Throne here, and consider backing this penom game.

As of writing this, there’s just 24 days to go.

Until next time, gang.

Keep it plucky,

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