Ahoy, gang!

I’m just popping in for a quick announcements this week – all good stuff!

First off – apologies for the lack of a Kickstarter Game of the Week today. This actually relates to the announcement: I’m mixing up the format of the regular blog posts a bit. Instead of a Kickstarter Game of the Week, I’ll be doing a monthly Kickstarter Roundup!  I know, I know, this means fewer posts overall… BUT don’t despair! The monthly Roundup will actually give me the chance to showcase more games from awesome developers. Each month, I’ll share ALL of the games I’m excited about on Kickstarter. Generally speaking, I get excited about far more than just four or five games per month, which was all the weekly format allowed me to do.


See you next week, with the Kickstarter Roundup for April! Keep it plucky,

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