Hey, gang! I’m super excited to let you know which games I’ve been following (and likely backing!) for the month of April. So without too much rambling and shambling, here we gooooo:

Arena: The Contest

arena 1.jpg

arena 2.jpg

This is one of the most exciting miniatures games to come to Kickstarter in awhile. Arena: The Contest not only features an amazing tactical hero brawler mode, but there’s also a cooperative scenario-driven campaign mode. The miniatures for this game are phenomenal – the core game comes with 30 of them – just take a look for yourself. This is the kind of game that I can easily see myself pouring hours and hours into, creating teams of heroes, running a co-op campaign, and building my own 3D scenery. Check out Arena: The Contest on Kickstarter.


Dinosaur Island: Back From Extinction

dinosaur island.png

dinosaur island 2.png

In case you haven’t heard, Dinosaur Island is pretty awesome. After the first Kickstarter campaign’s wild success last spring, Pandasaurus is putting out another round in the form of the X-treme Edition! Plus, there’s the Totally Liquid expansion to the game, which adds tons of new content, including the ability to add a 5th player to your games. Dinosaur Island walks the difficult line of being a finely tuned Euro style game AND a raucous thematic game. I mean, what ’90s kid didn’t want to run their own dinosaur theme park after seeing Jurassic Park? Check out Dinosaur Island: Back From Extinction on Kickstarter.


Fire in the Library

fire in the library 1.png

This phenomenal press-your-luck game is quick to learn and play, and boasts a theme very near and dear to my heart (I not only worked in a library for 5 years, but I wanted to be a librarian for a good portion of my life). Press-your-luck can be difficult to do without making it too random-chance driven, but Fire in the Library gets the formula right by using tension and players’ choices extremely well. Be sure to check out Fire in the Library on Kickstarter.


HEXplore It: The Forests of Adrimon

adrimon 2.gif

adrimon 1.gif

The Forests of Admiron is the second in the HEXplore it series of games, and uses a great multi-hex tile placement system to build the world around you and your fellow explorers. You and up to 6 other players work together to build your heroes, quest, craft, and explore in over 30 unique scenarios. The worldbuilding for this game is downright epic, and the artwork does a great job of bringing the Forests of Adrimon to life. Check out The Forests of Adrimon on Kickstarter.




lifeform 2.jpg

Survival horror sci fi isn’t just a genre in entertainment… it’s a way of life. In all seriousness though, this game looks pretty freaking badass. It’s a cooperative adventure game for up to four players (there’s also a solo-mode expansion). It’s diceless, so the looming spectre of random chance is somewhat less present – always a good thing in a survival game! The atmosphere and world of Lifeform is spectacular – it does a great job of immersing players in the world of a chilling spaceship floating in the haunting void of space. Be sure to check out Lifeform on Kickstarter.





Continuing my theme of cooperative adventure games, comes MourneQuest. This one, however, takes place in the fantasy world of the Mourne – inspired by Irish folklore, the setting combines magic, fairy tales, and the darker elements of the legends, like the wicked banshee. Players work together, each taking the role of a hero (represented by some awesome miniatures!) to gather equipment and magical relics, in an effort to defeat the evil Shimnavore. Check out MourneQuest on Kickstarter.


Swords & Sails

swords and sails 1.png

swords and sails 2.png

I’m normally not a big historical gamer, but I must admit – Swords & Sails looks amazing. This immersive dudes-on-a-map game boasts a TON of components. full color maps, army and fleet tokens for each player in a variety of unit types, faction tokens, wet erase cards, wooden army cubes and fleet ships, custom dice, city tokens, punch-out coins, and a lot more. Of course, what historical wargame wouldn’t come with the option to add on metal coins? Swords & Sails doesn’t disappoint – backing at the Knight’s tier and above will score you 140 historically-based metal coins to use in your games! Be sure to check out Swords & Sails on Kickstarter.



unbroken 1.jpg

unbroken 2.jpg

I’m also not a huge solo gamer, but there are nights when I just want to be by myself and still enjoy a great game. Unbroken is a phenomenal solo survival game that’s quick and tense. A ton of playtesting went into the development of this game in order to ensure balance; a key aspect of this game is how unforgiving it is, so it’s crucial that it’s harsh and difficult… but not impossible. Unbroken will be a great addition to any solo gamer’s collection, and I have a pleasant suspicion that it’ll play and feel a lot like the Dark Souls and Bloodbourne series of video games. Check out Unbroken on Kickstarter.


Village Pillage

village pillage.png

This adorably frantic game looks so darn fun! Up to 5 players play cards simultaneously to screw their neighbors by stealing turnips, protecting turnips, and spending turnips to buy new cards for future rounds. The game markets itself as “rock-paper-scissors meets the prisoner’s dilemma” – and I couldn’t think of a better way to describe this fast and sassy game of turnip farming. Plus, the artwork is amazing, and sure to put a smile on anyone’s face – the perfect fit for such a lighthearted, quick game. Be sure to ckeck out Village Pillage on Kickstarter.


Until next time, gang. Keep it plucky!

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