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I hope everyone’s summer is off to a splash as big as mine. I’m a week behind on posting my July Kickstarter Roundup – mostly because I got a terrible cold brought on by my day job (what do they say when your job starts affecting your physical health…?) but also because I wanted to wait a bit until the post-first games came out. I’m thinking of moving my roundups to the second week of each month to accommodate creators who release on the first… seems like it might be better for spreading the word. Anywho. without further ado, here’s my July Kickstarter Roundoup!

1. The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls


Okay, this game is downright cheeky and hilarious. Just check out the Kickstarter video and tell me you didn’t start cracking up after the first 15 seconds. Even more impressive though is the MASSIVE amount of support this game’s gotten considering it’s from a first-time creator on the platform. It’s easy to see why, however, and I couldn’t be happier!

The Binding of Isaac is absolutely a gamer’s game. It’s self-referential as heck, and it does everything a tabletop game should do. That’s the magic of the game – true, Binding of Isaac is new to the platform of tabletop games, but it’s a beloved IP. (My first introduction, however.)

In terms of actual gameplay, you won’t be disappointed. Edmund makes it very clear that the game’s gone through TONS of playtesting, and it’s apparent. Don’t let the simplicity fool you – players battle monsters, collect loot, battle more difficult monsters, collect better loot – all the while avoiding curses when they take the lead (blue shell, much? Not mad at it). At it’s core, Binding of Isaac is a fast scaling press-your-luck game. And its humor and charm will keep you pressing that luck!

isaac gameplay.jpg

Be sure to check out The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls on Kickstater.

2. Efemeris: Celestial Domination


Efermeris ticks all the boxes for a great kickstarter game – quality components (check), tested and fun gameplay (check), and phenomenal worldbuilding (double check). What makes me drool as a gamer also makes me jealous as a game designer – Efemeris creates a deep and exciting world that brings out my inner storyteller.

Efermeris has a somewhat underrepresented theme of colonial renaissance mixed with space exploration – the aesthetics of the game contribue to the awe and majesty of tenuous nation-states duking it out to explore and colonize celestial territories. Hats with feathers? Yes, please.

In terms of gameplay, Efemeris won’t disappoint. Straight from the Kickstarter page, here’s a brief rundown:

efermeris gameplay.jpg

Be sure to check out Efermeris: Celestial Domination on Kickstarter!

3. Miremarsh


Miremarsh is a self-described game of evil deeds, death, and tentacles for 1-5 players. Yeah, if you know anything about me, then you’d know this is right up my alley. LOL!

And if you weren’t aware, Miremarsh also features some pretty awesome minis.

miremarsh components.jpg

What’s great about Miremarsh, apart from the fantastic components and minis, is the exploration. The entire board in Miremarsh is one giant world to explore – reminiscent of the swampier and swartheir levels of your favorite grimdark video games from your childhood. Semi-random tiles are laid on a static board, and there’s quite a few of them – 26 location tiles (and that’s just with the base game). Pledging for the Undermire gives players an additional board – complete with 16 more Undermire location tiles – a huge boon for a tile-exploration game!

Be sure to check out Miremarsh on Kickstarter!

4. Racoon Tycoon

raccoon tycoon.jpg

Resource management? Engine building? Railroads? Raccoons? Yes, please! Raccoon Tycoon builds off of recent games’ penchant for usng fine-tuned economics and resource economy to create a heavily thematic engine-building game that the entire family can enjoy.

And that’s what makes Raccoon Tycoon so good – it’s a self-described gateway game – something that the entire family, from kids on up, can enjoy. Too often are games heavy as a lead weight nowadays; it’s refereshing to see a game take to Kickstarter that stays true to the mechanics that make modern tabletop games what they are… but still accessible to new gamers and youngsters alike.

Raccoon Tycoon is simple and clean, and the components support that thesis.

Raccoon Tycoon components.jpg

It’s got a Monopoly-esque feel (gasp! I know… but that’s a compliment in this case!) that removes a lot of the barriers-to-entry that heavier games of late have.

I’m excited to see this game smash through stretch goals and succeed on Kickstarter! This is Forbidden Games’s sophomore title, and it’s great to see a fellow indie label doing so well! Be sure to check out Raccoon Tycoon on Kickstarter!

5. Steepseers


You wanna talk about phenomenal artwork? Look no further than Steepseers. This game has some brilliant, bright, and art-nouveax-style art that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. And as far as theme is concerned – how can you get any cooler than a game of fortune telling and tea leaf reading??

steepseers art.jpg

Steepseers takes the simple mechanic of resource gathering to craft a unique and thematic game. The components match the tea-leaf theme so well – teapot meeples, a custom plastic tea leaf reading bowl, and custom ingreadient dice with brilliant iconography – fitted nicely to the aesthetics of the rest of the components.

If you’re as into herbal medicine, fortune telling, soothsaying, steeseeing, and reading the future through tea leaves as I am, then make sure you check out Steepseers on Kickstarter!

Until next time, gang. Keep it plucky,

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