Ah, GenCon weekend!

Most Kickstarter campaigns are timed just before or just after GenCon, to give people some much needed wallet relief, but there are a still a ton of great indie releases on Kickstarter this month! So without any more foofaraw from me, here’s this month’s Kickstarter roundup:

Call to Adventure

call to adventure.png

Call to Adventure’s a hero building game, which is much like any other ‘building’ type of mechanic, except it harkens to fantasy novels of brave and legendary heroes – thematically, Call to Adventure will tickle anyone who’s into any of the myriad fantasy novel worlds, from the Song of Ice and Fire series, to the Kingkiller Chronicles (more on that in a second!) to older offerings like Dragonlance and the Drizzt Do’Urden books. Who doesn’t love an epic tale of heroes capable of being more-than-human?

call to adventure cards.jpg

The game’s designed by the Brotherwise brothers, Chris and Johnny O’Neal (of Boss Monster fame, and who also happen to be super cool guys), and with Call to Adventure, they’ve teamed up with novelists Patrick Rothfuss and Brandon Sanderson, who are kind of modern legends in the writing world. This meeting of the minds is like lightning in a bottle – Chris and Johnny are veteran game designers who understand how to turn nostalgia into a fun gaming experience, while Patrick and Brandon are worldbuilding gods.

Be sure to head over to the Kickstarter page to check the game out – perhaps one of the most squee-inducing features (for me at least) is the mostly tarot-sized cards used to build your heroes on their journeys to greatness. And how do they look? Stunning. Stun. Stunosha. You’d better believe this is going to be one awesome game.

The Curse of Misfortune Lane


misfortune lane.jpg

Another game with fabulously tarot-sized cards, The Curse of Misfortune Lane is a bit more cheeky and irreverent than Call to Adventure. In Curse of Misfortune Lane, up to four players take the roles of meddlesome kids, while a single player takes the role of the monster – but which monster is kept a secret.

curse of misfortune lane 2.jpg

Werewolf, Vampire, or Zombie – only specific cards and actions will affect each one. It’s up to the kids to figure out who the monster is, while it’s up to the monster to hinder the kids… without giving away their identity in the process. It’s a neat tit-for-tat, press-your-luck game that has a lot of fun mechanics (check out some of the gameplay on the Kickstarter page… there’s even a full rulebook available for download! Score!)

As of this posting, there’s just 14 days left in the campaign, and the game’s nearly funded – so be sure to check it out if campy horror movies and books are your thing, or if you’re into assymetrical all-against-one games!

Escape Plan

escape plan.png

If Oceans Eleven and Pandemic had a baby, it’d be Escape Plan. This game by Vital Lacerda looks damn near perfect – from its theme of a bank heist escape, to the brilliant escalation-style gameplay, to the gorgeous artwork by Ian O’Toole.

Unlike Pandemic, however, in Escape Plan, players are working against one another, thwarting their opponents by sending the cops and other maladies their way. Even better, while the cops are trying to catch the escaping players, each player has to try to grab as much cash as possible on their way out of the city – with each player having additional asymmetric goals.

escape plan 2.png

If you’re looking for a slightly heavyweight game of bribery, diversions, and every man for himself, check out Escape Plan on Kickstarter – it’s smashing through stretch goals and has just a few short days left.

Trogdor!! The Board Game


I do love a double bang (that is to say, exclamation marks…er… points… you get my meaning), and this game is all excitement, with the substance to back it up. If you live under a rock or a rock-like condominium, you might not know that Trogdor!! The Board Game is the first Homestar Runner board game, and it has all the humor and silliness you’d expect from a board game by Homestar Runner.

Up to six players take turns controlling the big bad Trogdor, in an effort to burninate the entire village and its pesky peasant villagers. Flip tiles to burninate the countryside, flip village roofs to burninate the buildings, and add little wooden flame helmets to burninate the peasants. Just look out, because the villagers can fight back – repairing the countryside and sending knights and archers to attack Trogdor.


The game’s visuals and components look amazing, as to be expected from an already established creative franchise. But if you back at the $60 level, you’ll not only get the fantastic wooden components, but you’ll also get a super awesome plastic set as well.

Honestly, I’m excited for this game, and I never really watched the Homestar Runner cartoon except for a few clips my friends would send me. The game looks fun and fast-paced, which is a welcome departure from some of the weightier and fiddlier titles we’ve been playing recently.

Be sure to check out Trogdor!! The Board Game on Kickstarter – the campaign is thriving and terrorizing, and you probably don’t want to miss out (helleuw!)


Anywho, I hope everyone who went to GenCon had a safe and happy con! I was comiserating with all my GenCan’t friends, getting wastey faced and playing games at home while we cried. Cons are always a blast, and GenCon is easily up there amongst my favorites. There’s always next time!

Until then, gang. Keep it plucky,



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