Hey gang! Fall is in the air! That means I want to do fall things… ya know, picking apples, baking, wearing scarves, and playing ALL the games.

There’s a ton of amazing games that are live on Kickstarter, so without more rambling about pumpkin spice Sagrada, here’s this month’s Kickstarter roundup!

The Duel: Point of Honor

the duel.jpg

Chivalrous, swordfighting robots? Sign me up! The Duel: Point of Honor is a super fun, light card game by fledgling company Ironmark Games. The campaign goes live later this month, so be sure to swing back for a quick link – or just find it on Kickstarter! The Duel promises to be fast-paced, highly tactical, and tons of fun.

the duel 2.jpg

I’m a huge fan of the theme and artwork as well – like I said, the concept of dueling robots is just phenomenal, and I love how well-thought out all the cards are. Not only are they optimally balanced for fair and competitive gameplay, but they slide neatly into the theme. There’s just something about super high-tech automata pulling out old timey swords and dueling pistols in a high-stakes fight to the death. Be sure to check out The Duel: Point of Honor when it’s live on Kickstarter this month!

Meeple Party

meeple party.png

I love the idea of using meeples as… well, meeples, instead of stand-ins for some other concept (sorcerers, farmers, vikings, etc. etc. etc.). Meeple Party is exactly what it sounds like. You and your meeple roommates are throwing a party, and it’s up to you to throw the best. party. ever.

Meeple Party is a semi co-operative game with a nonviolent theme, so it’s fairly family-friendly. Essentially, you and up to four other players must use your character-specific abilities to invite guests to your party and make it as fun as possible. It has a distinct puzzle element to it that makes use of the geometry of the gamestate – party guests mingle between rooms, and different actions will affect the meeples in rooms, depending on location and adjacency.

meeple party 2.png

One thing I love about Meeple Party is the brilliant component design. No only is it fun and colorful, but there’s a lot of dual-usage going on – from the two-sided room tiles, to the multiple difficulty levels, to its solo play mode. There’s a fantastic How to Play video over on the Kickstarter page if you want a look at the gameplay! Be sure to check out Meeple Party on Kickstarter!

Periodic: A Game of the Elements


Genius Games has done it again! In a similar vein as Subatomic and Ion, Periodic has a chemistry theme, and teaches actual science to players, in a game that’s actually fun.

In Periodic: A Game of the Elements, up to five players activate ‘periodic trends’ (such as “Decrease Atomic Mass” or “Increase Atomic Radii”) to strategically maneuver across the periodic table, “discovering” elements to score points. The game makes use of a simple and well-balanced action system where players must choose between one of two actions on their turn – either paying energy, or taking energy. By paying energy, you activate multiple trends and can move your piece up to 5 spaces per trend in the direction allowed from the specific trends you’ve activated. When you take energy, you take all of the energy sitting on a single trend, but you only get to activate that one trend. It’s a simple but elegant action economy.

periodic 2.png

Of course, one of the best aspects of Periodic is that it teaches actual science. Need help with the periodic table? Elemental families? Periodic trends? Look no further.

Even better, there are some pledge levels that will snag you a bundle of Genius Games’s other science-based board games, like Subatomic, Ion, Covalence, Cytosis, Peptide, and Virulence. Be sure to swing by the Kickstarter page and give Periodic: A Game of the Elements a gander!

Set a Watch

set a watch.png

Set a Watch is another co-operative offering, this time in a fantasy skin where up to four players must defend their campsight from the evil Unhallowed. It’s a somewhat heavier, more puzzly 5-Minute Dungeon, both in terms of its fantasy theme and its co-operative resource-sharing style of combat. I generally dislike comparing games, but since 5-Minute Dungeon is currently one of my faves, it’s definitely a compliment!

I love how Set a Watch packs a ton of epic adventures (there’s NINE different ‘location’ scenarios and six different adventurers!) in a tiny box. And… the box is even magnetic! Hello, campfire game!

set a watch 2.jpg

The artwork and components are just lovely in Set a Watch, and it’s one of those games that will immediately draw attention just for its looks alone. And it promises to pack quite a punch in terms of gameplay. Players must use their unique abilities to conquer the line of five enemies attacking their camp – it’s up to you to work as a team, however, because no one player can do it alone. You’ve got to figure out the best, most efficient way to use your abilities and dice, or else you’ll all be mincemeat as the game’s difficulty (represented by the campfire level) progresses.

Super cool for international backers as well! – Rock Manor Games recently announced by there’ll be a German and Italian language version of Set a Watch! Be sure to check out Set a Watch on Kickstarter now!


That’s it for this month’s roundup! But there’s tons and TONS of other awesome games live on Kickstarter right this very second. Swing on over there and just browse all the active tabletop games projects while sipping your pumpkin spice unicorn blood. Go ahead. I won’t tell.

Until next time, gang! Keep it plucky,

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