Hey gang!

Happy holidays, good tidings and cheer, and all that jazz! It’s December here in the mitten state, and that means I’m bunkered into the house with a six-month supply of booze and board games.

There’s a lot to be joyful about right now on Kickstarter, so here’s a shortlist of some of the best under-the-tree boxes for this month!



Just in time for the holiday drinking season, Alewood is a raucous 30-minute drinking game for 3-6 players. It’s got an awesome wild west theme to boot, which I am a huge fan of! In Alewood, your pint glass is your pistol, and it’s up to you and your fellow pint-slingers to capture the outlaw leader. Players play Skill cards to improve their shot, Hinder cards to muck up the other players’ chances, and drink their beer to increase their shooting speed.

Alewood taps into the growing craft beer craze (pun intended), and I am 100% here for it. Not that I need an excuse to drink some tasty beer or play some fast-paced semi-cooperative tabletop games… but if I can do both at once, then hey! Why not?

As I mentioned, I love the western theme, and the card art and design is fanastic as well. Alewood is much more fun to play and look at that one of the myriad ‘white-words-on-black-cards’ games that are often the unfortunate low-hanging fruit for a party-friendly game night.

If you’re as excited as me for some pint-drinking, gun-slinging, screw-your-neighbor fun, be sure to check out the Kickstarter for Alewood!

Tales of Evil

tales of evil.jpg

Tales of Evil has ’80s nostalgia, horror, exploration, dice-chucking, and a lot of fun with its innovative Fusion system. On it’s surface, Tales of Evil is another co-operative miniatures board game, where you and some friends explore a haunted house. But what makes it truly special is the blending of the game and the real world. This Fusion system  means players’ real world actions will have effects in the game – for example, you may be required to take off your shoes because your character is entering a flooded tunnel, or you might have to turn off the lights because your group’s flashlight went out.

I always find games that build up an experience to be far more fun than just any ol’ game. Being fully immersed in a game not only makes it more enjoyable, it turns it into a shared social event for everyone involved. It’s why murder mystery parties are 1,000x more fun when everyone dresses up and gets into character. Tales of Evil oozes with ’80s horror nostalgia that’s sure to get everyone super engrossed in the game. I can see this being a great end to a night of horror movies and ’80s snacks. 😛

Even better, Tales of Evil is insanely well-produced. From the artwork to the miniatures to the quality of the components, this is a game where a ton of thought and work of many talented individuals came together to create something truly special. If you’re into ’80s horror, miniatures games, or just want a totally unique tabletop experience, check out the Kickstarter for Tales of Evil!



Another one of my favorite game themes is vikings and Norse mythology – and Valda delivers that in spades. Valda follows in the footsteps of one of my favorites, Champions of Midgard, but promises a ton of innovative gameplay mechanics beyond just worker placement and resource management. In Valda, you and your opposing ascendant gods must manage resources, draft cards, play powerful spells, build temples, and gather followers, all in an effort to rise as a god.

Valda is downright beautiful, too. There’s a tonnnnn of fiddly bits (enough to satisfy even my fiddly yearnings), including over 120 cards, 50 wooden markers, resource tokens, custom dice, and more. There’s even a deluxe pledge level (“Watcher of the Gods” and higher) if you’re into fancier game components. You get a handcrafted dark birchwood box, card sleeves, and a custom dice bag.

If you’re into Norse mythology, vikings, and a healthy dose of strategy, make sure you swing by the Kickstarter campaign for Valda!

War for Chicken Island

war for chicken island.jpg

Cheeky, beautiful, hilarious, and a ton of fun, War for Chicken Island is a tactical and strategic tile-placement and resource management game where players must build a chicken army and humiliate their rivals in order to conquer Chicken Island.

The gameplay for War for Chicken Island is an awesome blend of light engine-building and dudes-on-a-map skirmish warfare. I highly recommend checking out the videos on the Kickstarter page to get a feel for the game – not only do they explain this super fun game, but they’re very well produced too.

Probably my favorite part of this adorably fun game is the chicken miniatures. These minis perfectly capture the cartoony feel of the game, and their chicken mechs look like they’re ready to wreak havoc and hijinks. If any of that sounds good to you, or even if you’re just into something a bit goofy and cheeky, be sure to check out War for Chicken Island on Kickstarter!


Play games and be merry! Until next time, gang! Keep it plucky,


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