Ahoy, and happy new year to you!

I hope 2018 was full of good games and great friends, and here’s to 2019 being even better! Even though it’s still the slow season for Kickstarter games, there’s plenty to be excited about! Here are my top picks for January:



I’m super excited for Fences because it comes from first-time game creators Tim Forbis and Adam Collins. Fences is a family-friendly tile placement farming game, and there’s some really great fast-paced gameplay going on here.

In Fences, each player has a farmer profile that tells them what type of field they’re trying to complete in order to score. Farmers get points for finishing fields by placing tiles down to expand their farm. Enclosing animals is the name of the game, and it’s that profile card that tells you what type sof animals you’re trying to pen in. There’s also a point-stealing mechanic that allows players to close their opponents’ fields in order to nab those points. Even better – the same mechanic allows for some alliance-building by closing off fields of multiple opponents.

I love tile-placement games (Hellew, half my top shelf in my game room!), and Fences looks like a really innovative little addition to my collection. If you want to check out more of Fences, be sure to swing by the Kickstarter page and give it a gander!

Kraken Ataken!

kraken ataken.jpg

I am in love with the art style and visuals for this game! Kraken Ataken is a fun rompy card game that pits players against the terror of the sea – the Kraken!

Gameplay centers around strategically ambushing opponents and a lot of take-that!

Straight from the Kickstarter page, here’s some handy (and fun!) animations that give a glimpse into the gameplay:

kraken 1.gifKraken Ataken setup takes just a minute and you’re ready to play! Each player receives 2 kraken cards in their color and 4 tentacle cards. Now you can start plotting!

kraken 2.gif

Send your kraken to battle and make it stronger by putting the tentacle cards underneath. The tentacles’ power will be hidden from your oponnents! But a smart kraken will be able to estimate the power by looking at tentacles’ colors.

kraken 3.gif

Trick your oponnents and send them into dangerous currents before the battle starts. Here you can see that a card was used to switch the pirates. Now the enemy kraken is facing a pirate immune to orange tentacles!

kraken 4.gif

Once the ambush is prepared, the battle with the pirates begins. And multiple krakens near one ship will fight each other first! All the tentacles are revealed and the powers are compared. Only the strongest will get the treasure!

If fast, furious cardplay is your thing, and you’re into pirates (Arrrr!), then be sure to check out Kraken Ataken! on Kickstarter!



Hello, Nocturion! This is the exact kind of game I need to play MUCH more of. Nocturion is a worker placement/resource management game at its core. It’s got my favorite skin, however — Dark Fantasy, and it looks gorgeous as all sin. In Nocturion, players assume the role of powerful nobles trying to reclai their legendary birthrights. You must build an army using resources and carefully selected actions – and… DUM DUM DUM! The game features asymmetric powers! Those of you who follow me know I love a great asymmetric game, and I have high hopes for Nocturion that they get it right in terms of balance and fun.

nocturion 2.jpg

Nocturion looks epic, and as of writing this it’s over 400% funded with 9 days to go! You guys should swing on by the Kickstarter page and check it out!

Stonehenge and the Sun


Stonehenge and the Sun is one of those rare — VERY rare — games that relies on top notch game design becaue it has an element of physicality. Somewhat of a dexterity mechanic, Stonehenge and the Sun uses a hanging metal ball, some stacked pillars, and the force of gravity to knock your way to victory.

You really just have to see this game for yourself to get the true… gravity (see what I did there?):

Be sure to check out the wildly innovative Stonehenge and the Sun on Kickstarter! It’s nearly funded, and with 2 weeks left to go in the campaign!

Well, that’s it for now, gang. Until next time! Keep it plucky!

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