Hey, gang!

After a few months of doing the Kickstarter Roundups, I’ve decided to change things up a bit. Rather than doing a monthly post that showcases four or five of my favorite games coming out that month, I’m going to instead be highlighting a single game every weekday! (Okay, so that’s not quite “daily,” but I want to give you all a breather on weekends to enjoy your lives!)

That’s obviously a lot more work for me, so why am I making this change?

  • This blog is yours, not mine. First and foremost, I want to give you guys more content and more fabulous upcoming games. This blog is for you, and it seems like a bit of a disservice to only post my previews, reviews, and thoughts once a month.
  • Time travel isn’t a thing yet. Posting monthly has a bit of a weird rhythm. Since most creators set their Kickstarter campaigns to 30-days, that means there were quite a few games that ended up getting only a day or two in the spotlight before their campaigns ended. Since I generally posted on the first Monday of the each month, it was unfair to campaigns that started mid-month. It just wasn’t a great cadence for anyone.
  • I want to help new creators. I’ve been getting a lot more direct requests from fellow creators to preview and review their games. My previous stance was that I’d need a month of advance notice because of the monthly posting schedule, and it felt crummy to tell people–especially first-time creators–that I couldn’t get to their game before their campaign was pretty much over. I want to give creators more leeway in cases where they want some last-minute coverage on their campaign. By posting daily, I only need a day or two (at most) of advance notice.

The daily highlights will likely be shorter, but I’ll pack as many of my opinions and insights in as possible, as well as pretty pictures. Economy of words, guys. I went to school for English, so trust me. It’s a thing. And we’ll play around with the format and content as we go – I’m open to feedback on what can make it better for you!

I’ll be posting the first Kickstarter Highlight tomorrow! No spoilers: it’s one of the most personally exciting games I’ve seen all year so far.

Until tomorrow, gang! Keep it plucky,

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