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I’m beyond excited about this first Kickstarter Highlight. If you’ve followed me for awhile or you know me in my personal life, you know I’m an advocate for better education of and for neurodiversity – specifically those on the autism spectrum. Time and time and time again, I’ve championed games as a tool for helping kids and adults on the autism spectrum with social skills and self-confidence. Critical Core is a new game by Game to Grow, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that believes games of all kinds have the power to improve people’s lives. Critical Core specifically aims to help kids on the autism spectrum build confidence and social skills and was co-developed with autism advocates, parents, therapists, and educators.

Critical Core’s mission is so near and dear to me that I was literally crying when I watched their video content for the game.

So much care and research have gone into this game, and I invite you to check out the entire Kickstarter page as well as Game to Grow’s website, but I think the team’s inforgraphic does a phenomenal job of showing how a tabletop game fits perfectly into the FEDC framework – something I try to do in my own advocacy. Seeing it represented visually like this is game-changing:

FEDC Model - critical core.jpg

Critical Core isn’t just a tabletop roleplaying game. It’s a full kit for facilitating game sessions with teens and pre-teens on the autism spectrum. One of the tools included in the box is a facilitator’s guide of best practices for using the game as a therapeutic tool.

The mission and purpose are clear. But how is Critical Core as a game? Well, it’s apparent the team knows that putting fun first is the best way to keep gamers engaged. Critical core is a slick, beautiful, and fun fantasy game that includes pre-made adventure modules full of orcs, magic, dragons, and heroes. Even better, Critical Core can be used as a kind of framework that can be easily lifted and shifted to your favorite RPGs, like Dungeons & Dragons.

book - critical core.jpg


As of writing this, there’s 24 days left to support this awesome game and get your own copy, so swing by the Kickstarter page to check it out. 100% of the funds raised will be used to produce the game and to facilitate game sessions – you can even pledge additional money to donate an extra copy to a good cause on your behalf. From the campaign:

“A special kind of magic happens when kids gather around a table to play a fantasy role-playing game. Legends are born, friendships are forged, and they begin to experience real-world personal growth.”

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