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Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is Life Siphon from the awesome team at Lay Waste Games (creators of one of my personal faves, Human Era).

life siphon.png

Lay Waste Games sets a high bar for product quality and gameplay, so I’m already excited for Life Siphon. In Life Siphon, you and up to 3 other players are a group of underworld-dwelling humans who’ve discovered a cursed box that forces you to kill each other in order to lift the curse from yourself.

Life Siphon is a fast-paced combat strategy game, and the most innovate aspect of it is that players can only attack the person to their left. This makes seating crucial to the dynamic of the game, and I’m excited to see how it works with my own gaming groups. (Got beef with someone? Sit next to them and watch the sparks fly. Need to make amends? Sit across from each other; problem solved!)

Another interesting feature of Life Siphon’s gameplay is its use of player life as the only resource to fuel the game economy. Life is, of course, how you stay in the game; but it is also used to summon the familiars that will attack the player to your left, and to purchase spell cards (which are cast at “slow” or “fast” speed — sorcery or instant speed, for you Magic players out there). The team put up a fantastic animated gif on the campaign page to summarize the overall gameplay:

life siphon gameplay.gif

As I mentioned earlier, Lay Waste always has top-notch game components. Life Siphon is no exception. The core version of the game includes some fantastic looking custom wooden meeples to use for the familiars you and your cursed friends will summon. And there’s a more deluxe version that includes 52 solid metal familiars… oooh, shiny!

Lay Waste Games have also teamed up with Wyrmwood to supply some downright gorgeous wooden holder-tiles in a couple different tiers – etched cherry wood and wenge wood infilled with turquoise and copper designwork. Both tiers are stackable and magnetic, and flip to reveal a cork coaster – perfect for gaming groups that like to drink while they game. Below’s a look at the wenge wood tiles:

wyrmwood tiles.png

If you’re into strategic combat games and want to check out something truly innovative, then swing on by Life Siphon’s Kickstarter campaign!

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