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Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is Valhallamas by Fidget Creative. Valhallamas is a fast-paced card battling game, with a hilarious theme (llamas are as cute as they are nasty, so they kinda fit perfectly as cartoony vikings).

The cardplay is fairly simple in Valhallamas – up to six players duke it out by drawing, playing, and/or discarding cards that let them wallop their opponents’ llamas in various ways. Cards have a vigor cost, which is a limited resource that you regain a bit of at the start of every turn. Your second resource–health–serves as your life points. When your llama’s out of health, you’re out of the game.

This lightweight cardplay is a bit similar to other card battling games like Unstable Unicorns. BUT where Valhallamas adds a welcome element of strategy is in the draft at the start of the game. Players do a four-round snake style draft to pick their llama, their helmet (which adds to their health, and has a special ability), their blessing (which adds to their vigor, and has a special ability), and a pair of starting battle cards.

valhallamas gif.gif

As you can see, the artwork for the game is suitably adorable, and Valhallamas would make a great entry-level card game for younger or casual players. Coupled with the quick-to-learn gameplay, and you’ve got a very family-friendly / party-friendly game. Fidget Creative even put together a video (under 5 minutes!) that teaches the game from start to finish:

If you’re looking for a light, fast, and fun game–or you’re super into llamas–swing by the Valhallamas Kickstarter page and check it out. You can back the game for just 12 bucks to snag a copy.

Until next time, gang. Keep it plucky!

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