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Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is the Papillon by Kolossal Games!

Papillon is a tile drafting and laying game for up to four players, but it’s got a gorgeous theme and some interesting twists on the genre that make it surprisingly clever and strategic.

papillon game board.jpg

papillon tiles.jpgThere’s a few different elements to Papillon that make it much more than a simple Carcassonne clone, for example. At it’s core, there are a number of phases that are similar – players must bid to draft tiles from a shared draft pool of flower tiles. These tiles can be drafted in entire rows or columns, however. The tiles are then planted in the players’ individual gardens, and can be rotated in any orientation before doing so. Once a patch of flowers is completed in their garden, the player can attract butterflies to the flower patch, by either taking butterflies from their supply or by moving butterflies they’ve already placed.

But where the game gets truly interesting is in the next phase, where players clip butterflies to a separate scoring area of flowers, based on the flower patches they’ve completed – there’s a majority control element here, as players attempt to gain control of each type of flower by having the most butterflies on it. Of course, flowers have different values, so there’s a bit of tactical fenagling that must be done to come out on top. There’s some great gifs on Papillon’s Kickstarter page that break down each phase of gameplay.

papillon flowers.jpg

It goes without saying that Papillon is beautifully designed as well. The components and artwork serve the theme perfectly, and this is a game I’d imagine would be a relaxing, zen-like experience, similar to other draft-and-play tile placement games. I do love a game that doesn’t leave you in a rage after playing! 😛

Head over to the Kickstarter page and give Papillon a look-see. Until next time, gang. Keep it plucky!


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