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Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is Roam by Red Raven!

Roam is a quick strategy game that features characters and the artwork style from previous Red Raven games like Near and Far, Above and Below, and Islebound. Players familiar with these brilliant and endearing games will already feel at home in Roam.

roam board.png

In Roam, players use their party of adventurers to explore a variety of landscapes in the form of tarot-sized cards. The explorers use a pattern of squares to search the landscapes, which are each composed of  2×6 grid of squares.  This makes Roam an interesting puzzle, where players must match the tile patterns of their adventurers with the available tiles on the landscape cards. I love the simplicity of this, and it’s the type of game that rewards strategic forward-thinking as well as the ability to infer what your opponents could possibly and probably do.

Once a terrain card is explored, the player who did the most searching on that card flips it over to reveal another explorer who then joins their adventuring party. Fill your party with 10 adventurers, and the game ends – points are counted up, and the player with the most points wins. There’s some additional resource management mechanics that spice up the game, including the ability to earn coins by searching specific squares in the landscapes, which can be used to purchase artifacts for your party members to use.

Roam looks to be a super fun and light little strategy game with a fair amount of replay value. Puzzly strategy games like this tend to drum up a lot of interest among my gaming groups for their ability to fit in-between heftier, more fiddly games, and for their subtly nuanced, strategic gameplay.

Check out Roam’s Kickstarter page and be sure to watch the “How to Play” video for a better look at this gem!

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