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Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is Ruby Roundup by Always Gold Games!

Ruby Roundup is a great little gem of a game (har har) that’s centered on the idea of messing with your friends in order to nab the most treasure. Fans of take-that and bluffing games will love the gameplay, since that’s what it takes to win.

ruby roundup gems.png

Each turn, players will take turns placing their secret player cards onto various open-knowledge claim cards. These player cards will effectively modify the claim to make it better or worse, or just mess with it in some way. Once everyone’s player cards are put onto claims, players put chips directly onto the claims they actually want to grab before all is revealed and resolved. You don’t have to (and often won’t) place your chip and your player card onto the same claim, and herein lies the fun of Ruby Roundup. There’s a lot of bluffing and baiting that can happen in the game, and it becomes as important to have a strong poker face and be able to read the room as it is to draw and play the right cards. This light and social kind of gameplay reminds me a lot of other bluffing games like Sheriff of Nottingham or even Osprey Adrift to an extent, and really shows a different side of how games can bring people together (or tear them apart! … but all in good fun).

ruby roundup cards.jpgI also love that Ruby Roundup features some fun unique player powers as well, in the form of the character cards that represent which prospector you’re playing as. Each character has special abilities that can be used once per round, plus one ability that can only be used once per game. These abilities add to the mayhem of the game, and make each game different and full of delicious treasure-nabbing flavor. Of course, the characters and artwork are as zany as the gameplay itself, and it’s great to see the same level of lightheartedness carried through the game’s components.

If you want a fun and light social game to get onto the table, be sure to check out Ruby Roundup’s Kickstarter page. There’s less than a couple weeks to go in the campaign, so spread the word, too!

Until next time, gang. Keep it plucky!


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