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Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is Maquis by Side Room Games! Solo gamers, rejoice, because Maquis is one of the best – it uses the mechanics you already love from multiplayer games like worker placement and a ticking clock, and creates a solo experience that’s still exciting and strategic. AND it’s set during the nazi occupation of France, with you taking the role of a resistance leader who must use your agents to thwart the nazis.

maquis board.png

Maquis plays in a quick 20 minutes, but it’s packed with great gameplay and theme. At the start, you’ll draw two different mission cards that must be completed in a set amount of turns. Then you’ll shuffle the patrol deck, which dictates where the nazis will patrol each turn.

On your turns, you must assign your workers to various locations to gather resources, recruit people to your cause, or achieve mission goals like blowing up trains or publishing underground newspapers. This, of course, occurs in between the patrols being placed throughout the city. If the patrols wind up in the same location as one of your workers, then they’re arrested, making your goals that much harder to accomplish. The way the game handles worker placement as an ever-present risk creates a nail-biting atmosphere that works perfectly in a solitaire game where the game’s own “AI” is the only way to create tension and conflict.

There’s some great playthrough videos on Maquis’s Kickstarter page, so be sure to check it out, and if you’re looking for a quick, intense game that you can play solo, Maquis might be for you. Awesomely, you can even download the rules and a print-and-play version for the game before you back.

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