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Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is Maximum Apocalypse (Legendary Edition) by Rock Manor Games! This version of Maximum Apocalypse is a reprint of the amazing core game, in a much bigger and better box, with phenomenal miniatures… PLUS a quickstart version of the RPG set in the Maximum Apocalypse world. You get a whole lot of game for pledging, and you’ll also get an opportunity to snag the expansions as well – you’ll get all of them if you pledge at the Legendary level.

maximum apocalypse game.jpg

If you’ve never played Maximum Apocalypse, it’s essentially a¬†cooperative tabletop roguelike game that’s designed to be modular, giving players plenty of replayability. It oozes theme, set in a post-apocalyptic world that keeps you on edge. During gameplay, you move your survivor around the modular tile-constructed map to explore and gain resources which help you survive the apocalypse – from overcoming the ever-present threat of hunger to attacking vicious enemies that spawn all over the board tiles.

maximum apocalypse minis.png

But, of course, this is the legendary edition! That means lots of additional content, including some fantastic miniatures to use as your survivors. The box has gotten an overhaul, as well – fully loaded with game trays to perfectly fit all of the game’s components. AND there’s enough room in the box to house all of the Maximum Apocalypse expansions – Kaiju Rising, Gothic Horrors, Jurassic Perils (all of which you get with the Legendary Edition pledge level), plus the teased future expansion. This box will be jam-packed, so it’s that much cooler that backers ALSO get the quickstart version of the Maximum Apocalypse RPG – which will be fleshed out in full glory at a later date.

If you’re looking for a great game with story and setting to boot, check out the Kickstarter page for Maximum Apocalypse. If it’s something you’re into, then now’s your chance to get all the content you might have missed!

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