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Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is Dungeonology: The Expedition by Ludus Magnus Studio. Dungeonology is a perfect name for this game, since it is–on its face–a dungeon crawler. However, the “ology” suffix is a way of saying this isn’t your typical dungeon crawler. Instead of players slaying beasts and baddies and collecting treasure, the 2-4 players in Dungeonology will be sneaking into lost dungeons to study the dungeon and take notes on it – all in an effort to defend their thesis to become a professor of dungeons at the illustrious Rocca Civetta university.

Dungeonology game.png

Of course, academia isn’t without its hazards when your field of study is something as dangerous as dungeons. The students (represented by some sweet looking miniatures – see more below) will have to employ a variety of tricks and sneaking techniques to traverse the dungeon, which is still, of course, populated by beasts and baddies. The dungeon bosses don’t like pesky students traipsing about their homes, after all.

Dungeonology has such a great twist on the traditional dungeon crawling theme, and it’s great to see something so fresh and innovative, while still keeping a sense of tension and drama. I also love the tounge-in-cheekness of the characters and settings – the artwork is adorable and on-theme, and there’s even an unlocked stretch goal character named Sara Loft who bears a striking resemblance to another cartoonish scholar of hidden lairs. The world of Dungeonology and its university, Rocca Civetta, are brought to life with some top-notch looking components, including miniatures to represent the exploring scholars and dungeon bosses.

dungeonology minis.gif

If you’re like me and you can’t get enough dungeon crawler gameplay, but are tired of all the same-same, check out the Kickstarter campaign for Dungeonology: The Expedition. There’s a lot of content that’s being unlocked through stretch goals, and there’s even a full-blown Circe expansion you can add with a higher pledge level.

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