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Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is On Mars by Eagle Games!

On Mars is Vital Lacerda’s latest creation (with art by Ian O’Toole), and it looks like it will not disappoint.

By now, of course, we’re all familiar with the planetary terraforming genre of games – mechanics like action optimization, resource management, and engine building are a given, as players must create a self-sustaining colony on a planet’s surface. Where On Mars innovates is with the addition of separate station-to-surface gameplay, where players have to travel between the space station orbiting Mars and the surface itself. Only certain actions are available when you’re on the planet. Likewise, while in orbit, you have a totally different set of actions ranging from taking blueprints, developing technologies, or managing the supplies you’ll want to bring back to the planet. The preparation work you do in orbit serves the work you’ll then do on the surface – the actual building and upgrading of your buildings, and exploring of the planet.


on mars game.png

I like this dual-nature to the gameplay, since it rewards strategic thinking and planning ahead, and makes the world of the game that much more realistic. An actual terraforming and colonizing mission would, naturally, require a ton of planning and logistics – you wouldn’t be able to just wing it by building whatever you want on the fly.

On Mars uses missions to drive the pace of the game. Since there’s a lot to do while you’re in orbit and on the surface, these missions will be the central idea around which all your efforts are focused. Once three missions have been completed, the game ends, and a winner is determined based on how much they contributed to the colony’s overall development.

On Mars promises to be the latest and greatest of its kind, and there’s a ton of videos and other content on the game’s Kickstarter page for you to salivate over. You can even play the game online now on Tabletopia! Swing over and check it out for yourself!

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