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Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is Ignite by Ginger Snap Gaming! Ignite is an interesting combination arena combat & deckbuilding game, where up to six players vie for control over the world of Oshos. The gameplay is much faster (15-20 minutes per player) than one might expect from a miniatures game that incorporates so many tactical and strategic elements, and that’s where the beauty of Ignite lies.

ignite board.jpg

Each player takes control of one of the races of Oshos – with their own unique powers, of course. You’ll get three units which you must use to control the modular board. Over the course of the game, you’ll build a deck of cards that generate different resources like bows an arrows, melee attacks, movement, and magic spells, which can be used to wage war against your opponents. Or, you can opt to use your cards solely for their honor value – allowing you to buy new cards to build your deck. Like many deckbuilders, players in Ignite are restricted to a set number of card plays per turn – here, players will only have six cards to work with each turn, so the game becomes an exercise in card management, proper planning, and puzzling out the optimal plays.

ignite races.jpg
Six of the playable races in Ignite. There’s even more with Expansions and KS exclusives.

Ignite’s much more than a deckbuilder, though. The cards are used to power your combat abilities, but you’re ultimately trying to control a board grid. The terrain of the game’s modular board plays a huge role in how you play Ignite. You’ve got to use forests, water features, lava, and more to your advantage. For example, forests protect your units from ranged attacks, but are susceptible to being torched by a fire attack. Whereas, lava will kill a unit that moves into it – so abilities that push or pull enemy units can be a game-changer.

Part of the reason for Ignite’s quick gameplay time is its simple win condition. All players need to do to win is earn three trophies – which are earned by taking out an enemy unit. Units all have just three hit points, so each maneuver and attack becomes extremely important. And speaking of units and hit points – not only are the miniatures phenomenal, but the way in which hit points are tracked is fun as well. Toss a sword token into the mini’s back, and once they’ve got three swords, they’re toast.

ignite mini.gif

Ignite is smashing through stretch goals that are adding more and more additional content to what’s already a superbly designed game. Be sure to swing by the Kickstarter page to check out more of Ignite.

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