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Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is Kingswood! Kingswood is a light action rotation game where players take the roles of competing guild leaders who must collect various resources throughout the village so they can earn the most glory defeating monsters in the nearby woods.

Gameplay in Kingswood is fast and simple, but highly tactical. Essentially, players take turns traveling to one of six different locations within the village, including the monster-infested woods. You’ll earn resources (swords, spellbooks, hearts, and coins) in varying amounts, depending on which location you’re traveling from and which location you’re traveling to. When you visit the woods, you can then spend these resources to defeat different monsters which will grant glory or other special rewards that affect gameplay. But here’s the catch:  Players are sharing the same adventurers. This means you’ve got to think doubly hard about which locations you want to travel to and from, because you could potentially block the next players’ action options. It’s essentially a worker placement mechanism, where all players share the same workers in addition to the action options. This small twist makes for a terrific game, where players are forced to block and pivot their way to victory.

kingswood board.png

There’s even a solo mode available in Kingswood – where, instead of an action rotation mechanism in play (since there’s no other players to block), there’s a ticking clock. Monsters from the woods will eventually overrun the village if you don’t act quickly enough in your solo game. However, if you’re able to slay two of the baddest baddies in the forest, then your guild becomes famous enough to earn the favor of the king and end the game victoriously.

Kingswood has some great components, from the beautiful location tiles to the custom meeples and resource tokens. And, of course, they’ve kicked it up a notch with a deluxe edition as well! Pledging extra during the Kickstarter will snag you some custom wooden tokens for the swords, spellbooks, and hearts, as well as some metal coins. Gotta love that!

Be sure to check out Kingswood’s Kickstarter campaign for more on this fabulous little game, as well as some great video content! Until next time, gang. Keep it plucky!


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