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Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is For the Dungeon! For the Dungeon is an RPG where players take the roles of dungeon minions – rather than playing as the heroes. Because the game is meant to be comedic and focuses on creating memorable moments that the players create themselves, it’s rules-light and can be picked up quickly by new players.

for the dungeon book.pngFor the Dungeon uses the players’ own improv skills to drive the story, along with some fun prompts and mechanics – one of the coolest aspects of the game is that rolling a critical failure doesn’t mean doom, as it does in many other fantasy RPGs. Instead, when a player rolls a critical failure, they must write down what their minion learned from the experience. This ‘lesson’ gets added to the minion’s traits along with their skills, equipment, etc., and gives the player more ammo for dealing with conflicts and challenges that come up over the course of the game. The minions also get a chance to alter the setting, by taking dungeon actions during downtime scenes. These actions can influence the dungeon itself, again providing cool story hooks that players can improv off of.

For the Dungeon reminds me a lot of other comedic improv RPGs, like my favorite, The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen. For the Dungeon even comes with some alternative setting ideas, in case players want to play games in a non-traditional fantasy setting. Of course, creativity is paramount for everything in this game, so I’m sure there’s a great deal of flexibility and leeway in how you want to play.

If you’re into fantasy RPGs and fancy yourself a bit of a comedian, be sure to check out the Kickstarter for For the Dungeon. There’s a couple neat add-ons, like a Deck of Many Prompts that makes coming up with story prompts easier, and a dry-erase Map of Discovery that can help bring your setting to life.

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