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Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is CoreBall by Burning Games!

CoreBall is a miniatures sports game that takes place in a sci fi, zero-gravity arena. If you’ve ever wanted to play a tabletop version of Blitzball from Final Fantasy X, or if you’re into other miniatures sports games like Bloodbowl, then be sure to check this one out.

In CoreBall, 2-4 players take command of a team of futuristic athlete flyers, donned in high tech suits. Because the flyers are hurtling through the zero-g arena at breakneck speeds, the board is ever-changing. CoreBall uses a clear board under which different tiles can be slid, to give the impression of a constantly evolving arena. Different hazards and obstacles will present themselves unexpectedly throughout the game, and it’s up to players to maneuver their flyers in this dynamic gamestate.

coreball board.png

Of course, CoreBall is a miniatures game, as well – so it’s worth noting how fantastic the components look. Not only is the board a great representation of an expansive space arena, but the minis are sculpted and based to look as if they’re flying through space. The detail is phenomenal, and the poses are dynamic – a tough thing to find in an indie game.

coreball minis.jpg

There’s a ton more pictures and video content on the Kickstarter page, so be sure to swing by to check it out if CoreBall piques your interest. This game looks exciting as heck, and I hope they crush it in their campaign!


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