Hey, gang!

Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is Castle Builder by Launchpad Games!

Castle Builder is a fun take on an action selection and resource management game – up to four players are trying to be the first to build a castle and control the realm. The victory condition is simple – be the first person to build five castle sections – but the gameplay is strategic. You’ve got to expand your village in order to collect the resources you’ll need to build the castle sections. The peasants of your village are represented by peasant action cards, which are drafted from a shared draft pool, making for fierce competition over what you’re able to do on each turn. There’s also noble actions which are won in auctions, and science cards which can turn the tide in your construction efforts as you research new technologies.

coaster.jpgI love the clean, architectural artwork in Castle Builder. The structures are great to look at, and remind me of a top-down video game, where buildings pop up on a painterly landscape. Even the various characters in the artwork look fantastic – little sprites to populate your tiny yet sprawling village. It’s great to see that the game designer, Alexander X Preudhomme did all the visuals for Castle Builder as well. There’s a ton of love that goes into creating a game, and having the skill and talent to bring that game to life is an impressive feat. 

If you’re into fantasy settings, building castles, managing a village of peasants, or just plain fun strategy games, be sure to swing by the Kickstarter page for Castle Builder and check it out!

Until next time, gang. Keep it plucky!

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