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Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is Rusty Industry by Yodeling Ogre Games!

Rusty Industry is an economic engine building game where the forces of supply and demand guide your playing strategy. Players take the roles of entrepreneurs on the outskits of the capital city, trying to build the most thriving industrial center to earn the favor of the king. You’ve got to build buildings, make trades, and upgrade your facilities – all in an effort to maximuze your economic throughput.

There’s a lot of great mechanics going on in Rusty Industry, like the simple yet strategic cardplay that’s reminiscent of other economic engine-building faves like Machi Koro or Suburbia. Essentially, you use resources to build buildings, which produce more resourcies, which you use to build and upgrade buildings. It’s quite genius in its simplicity. Rusty Industry works so well because there’s an added element of player interactivity to the simple build-and-buy gameplay – you can use your opponents’ needs against them through careful and clever trades and negotiations.

rusty industry game.jpg

The components in Rusty Industry definitely support its sleek simplicity. The building cards are largely language-independent, and instead use a streamlined set of iconography to allow players to dive right in. The bold, charming cut-out style of artwork is certainly appealing, and add to the game’s accessibility.

If you’re into economic games, resource earning and trading, building engines, and fast-paced strategy, check out the Kickstarter page for Rusty Industry!

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