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Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is Space Race by Boardcubator!

Space Race is an engine building game where players are trying to build the best space program after seven rounds. What makes Space Race truly spectacular, however, is the phenomenal artwork and components. Before I talk about the game itself, I think it’s worth showcasing some of the awesome art done by Dalibor “Max” Krch.

space race art 1.pngSpace race is bursting at the seams with bold, beautiful pop-art style pieces that fit perfectly with the space-era setting. From presidential “candid” portraits to images from outer space itself, Max’s art is downright amazing.






space race art 2.jpgOne of my favorite aspects of the art is the limited colour palette. Max does a great job of sticking to a simple but complementary palette for each piece. There’s a tendency with color schemes like this to slip into boring territory, but this isn’t the case with Space Race. Each piece has its own color story, and it fits perfectly with the individual piece, as well as the bigger picture of the entire set of card art. I’m not a terribly skilled artist myself, so it’s always impressive when someone can bring a game’s components to life with visuals.

As for gameplay, Space Race won’t disappoint either. It’s a true engine-building game – that means little in the way of random chance, and a focus on strategy, and pivoting your strategy to make use of the game’s various breathrough, propaganda, and technology cards. You’ve got to not only pick the best play for yourself, but be ever-mindful of what your opponents are up to.

space race game.png

Be sure to swing by the Kickstarter page for Space Race – there’s tons more artwork and video content covering the gameplay of this fabulous game.

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