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Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is CliniC by Alban Viard (and artwork by the amazing Ian O’Toole)!

The story of Clinic is truly an underdog’s tale, and I’m so happy to see Alban re-releasing this awesome game in a bigger-and-better version on Kickstarter! As he explains on the Kickstarter page, back a few years ago, Alban put in tons of sweat and tears in order to personally print and assemble a few hundreds copies of CliniC in his living room. After taking them to Spiel and showing them off, every copy was sold within two hours. So, he’s re-releasing CliniC, and it’s definitely at a whole new level.

clinic game.jpg

This new, deluxe version boasts a completely re-tooled art direction, which, as I mentioned, is done by the fabulous Ian O’Toole – visual genius behind some iconic games including personal faves Lisboa, Mastermind, and Mysterium. The art and graphic design has a bold pop feel to it, and it works perfectly for the 3D hospital sim. The game and visuals remind me–in a very positive way–of the classic PC game, Theme Hospital. It brings out the kid in me, and it’s amazing to see so much love and passion poured into a remake like CliniC.

If you’re not already familiar with the original – allow me to alleviate your medical malady. CliniC isn’t just a hospital sim. It’s a fully 3D one at that. Imagine being the head honcho administrator at a bustling hopital, where you’ve got to queue up patients, hire doctors, nurses, and support staff, build new treatment centers, and keep your popularity and reputation up as the best hospital in the land… and it looks like a pop-up hostpital wonderland on the table. That’s CliniC in a nutshell. And it’s even more fun than it sounds!

clinic game 2.jpg

And hey. Even better – not only is CliniC bigger and badder than ever, you can snag yourself a copy of “The Extension,” which is a compilation of Every. Single. Expansion. Yes, that’s right – every expansion ever released for CliniC over the past five years. That’s 12 expansions… a.k.a.: a TON of content.

If you want to check this iconic game out for yourself, be sure to swing by the Kickstarter page and show Alban and Ian some love!

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