Hey, gang!

Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is Against the Shadow by veteran Kickstarter creator Robert J Schwalb!

Against the Shadow is a cooperative fantasy game for two to five players (with optional rules for six, and even a solo mode).  Being co-operative, Against the Shadow features a ticking clock mechanism that forces players to work quickly before the Demon Lord’s power escalates and all is lost. Players take the roles of one of the mighty patrons of Rûl, using their own unique powers to fight the Demon Lord. You’ve got to recruit heroes, issue commands, and explore for treasures – all of which is done with clever cardplay.

against the shadow cards.png

The artwork in Against the Shadow is great as well. The cards feature the kind of dark fantasy that brings a world to life – there’s tons of atmosphere and drama to every piece of art. This is a game that will look fantastic on the table!

Be sure to swing by the Kickstarter page for Against the Shadow, and give it a look!

Until next time, gang. Keep it plucky!

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