Hey, gang!

Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is Jumpship by Tony Go!

Jumpship fits into one of my favorite genres of games – social deduction! (Helleuw, Osprey Adrift!) In Jumpship, up to 10 players take the roles of crew members aboard a far-flung spacecraft, taken over by a secret alien infestation. Like its inspiration Werewolf (aka: Mafia), Jumpship relies on hidden information – each player is assigned a species of either alien or human. The human team must fix the ship and root out the alien queen, while the aliens must lay low and secretly take over the ship.

Where Jumpship differs from Werewolf/Mafia is in its pacing. Each round, players draw tokens out of a bag and hand them out as they see fit. The tokens essentially move the game forward, forcing various countdown timers to tick down, but can also force players to reveal their identities, protect them, eject them from the ship, and many other options.

jumpship game.jpg

Jumpship’s a great example of social deduction done right. It keeps the core elements intact – secret identities, lying, bluffing, and begging – while adding some fun twists. The theme is fantastic, too! I love a good sci-fi action theme, and Alien is one of my favorite films (that’s the original Alien, not the action-y sequels…)

If you’re looking to add a fun party game to your collection, check out Jumpship’s Kickstarter campaign! This one looks amazing!

Until next time, gang. Keep it plucky!

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