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Today’s Kickstarter Highlight is Mega Metro City by BoomBox Board Games!

If you could put nostalgia in a box, this would be it. Mega Metro City is a fast-paced co-op game that’s inspired by classic ’80s beat-em-up arcade games like Final Fight, River City Rasom, and TMNT. Players punch their way through 15 different stages that can be played as one-off scenarios, or as part of a Story Mode campaign. And of course, you can choose your difficulty setting: Normal, Hard, or Very Hard!

The arcade inspiration runs throughout every aspect of Mega Metro City – from the difficulty levels, to the countless thug miniatures that spawn–ready to challenge your own hero minis–to the special combos and turbo techniques you can use to beat the thugs to oblivion. And hey – I fully, FULLY appreciate the Street Fighter “hadooo-ken!” in the background of the Kickstarter video. These guys thought of everything.

mega metro city game.jpg

Gameplay, of course, fits the arcade theme as well. Everything is reminiscent of a classic beat-em-up arcade game. But perhaps the most exciting part of Mega Metro City is in the scenarios. The different scenarios each have their own objective, from pummeling a final boss, to unloading a car full of plutonium, to standing your ground and surviving wave after wave of thugs. The different scenarios make for a highly replayable experience, and I’m pumped to experience everything the game has to offer.

If you wanna check out this cool take on a classic genre, check out the Kickstarter page for Mega Metro City!

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