Plucky Robot is the creation of one board game nut – me – Nick!

I made my first game at six years old when I concocted “rules” with my two brothers for our Lego minifigures to wage war against one another.

Twenty-five years and dozens of games later, the rules got better, but the fun remained. Now, under the official banner of Plucky Robot, I’m publishing my first game.

Osprey Adrift is a card game of deduction, deception, and cannibalism on the high seas. Stay tuned to or follow along on social media for updates on the game – launching on Kickstarter on June 1st!

This website also serves as a hub for my diary on the game design process, as well as mini reviews of the games I’m currently playing. I also shine the community spotlight on some other very cool people in the board game world. If you’re a game designer, publisher, or enthusiast, reach out to me – I’d love to hear from you and talk shop!




Keep it plucky!