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After being attacked by an angry kraken, the One Winged Osprey is lost at sea. Food is running low for you and your fellow pirates, and there won’t be a rescue any time soon. To make matters worse, there seems to be a group of cannibals on board, making their way through the crew at night, one by one…


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Osprey Adrift is a card game of social deduction, deception, and cannibalism set aboard the fictional pirate ship, the One Winged Osprey, during the golden age of piracy. Each player takes the role of a hungry pirate who is either sane of mind, or a cannibal. If you’re sane, it’s up to you to figure out who the cannibals are so you can force them to walk the plank. And if you’re a cannibal? Convince the sane that you’re one of them so you can turn them into your next dinner…

Game Contents

  • 1 Rulebook
  • Over 140 Cards

What is a “social deduction” game?

Simply put, “social deduction” is used to describe games which rely on players to use their skills of… you guessed it… social deduction. But more specifically, social deduction games often require players to bluff or convince the other players that they are working toward a common goal. Players usually belong to different teams, but exactly which team they’re on is a secret. Popular games like Mafia, Werewolf, and The Resistance are all social deduction games.

Because social deduction games use bluffing and secret alliances, they’re perfect to play at parties. And while Osprey Adrift is very well-suited for large groups, it can be played with just a few friends as well.  Osprey Adrift is balanced for 4-12 players, and takes approximately 10 minutes per player to play.


How is Osprey Adrift played?

Before the game starts, each player is given a card that either says “Sane” or “Cannibal” on it. This card determines which team the players are on, and it’s kept secret from all the other players.

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Over the course of the game, players take turns scavenging around the lost pirate ship (by drawing Scavenge cards off the deck). These cards can be anything from food to coins to books of voodoo. Use the cards to help or hurt you and your fellow players. Just be careful – it’s up to you to figure out who’s on your team… and who’s working against you!

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Once all the cards run out, the pirate crew has grown restless and everyone must eat and then vote for someone to walk the plank – hoping they’re sending someone on the other team overboard. Then it’s “night time,” and everyone closes their eyes. The players who are cannibals get to open their eyes and agree to kill one of their fellow crewmen.

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When the players wake up, they discover that someone has been eaten in the night. Play continues with the players scavenging for supplies, eating, voting for people to walk the plank, and the cannibals killing their way through the crew at night, until only one team remains…

What makes Osprey Adrift unique?

Gameplay in Osprey Adrift is somewhat similar to other elimination-style social deduction games like Mafia and Werewolf. So how is Osprey Adrift different? First and foremost, it has pirates and cannibals! Osprey Adrift allows you to assume the role of one of the colorful crewmates aboard the storied One Winged Osprey.

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You’ll accuse your friends of being cannibals and force them to walk the plank. And if you’re a cannibal, you’ll have to convince your friends that you’re not a cannibal so you can eat them in their sleep. In terms of game mechanics, Osprey Adrift introduces several twists on the social deduction genre, including:

  • Hand & Resource Management – The game centers around a crew of lost and starving pirates. Players have to eat food cards in order to stay alive. If a player runs out of food, they’re out of the game. In addition, players scavenge around the ship—and trade with other players—for useful supplies. Found a bottle and some gunpowder? Now if only Tin-Toothed Hines would trade you some of his iron nails, you could craft a makeshift explosive… Found a mysterious book of voodoo in the captain’s quarters? Maybe if you could get your hands the right kind of seaweed, you could concoct a potion to bring Henry Miles back to life. Poor sod got shot when Lady Ravenrose falsely accused him of being a cannibal…
  • Secret Trades – When players trade cards with each other, they go into another room to discuss the terms of their trade, and can even show each other what’s in their hands. Be careful what information you divulge during your trade, though. The person with whom you’re trading might just be on the opposing team…
  • Team & Individual Winner – While players are working in teams to win, there can only be one ultimate winner – pirates don’t like to play nice! The player on the winning team who has the most coins at the end of the game gets all the bragging rights.
  • Card-Based Abilities and Public Roles – Unlike similar games where your secret identity often dictates the special actions you can take, Osprey Adrift uses action cards which can be collected by any player, regardless of their team. In addition to their secret identity card that dictates their team, players also have a public role card which confers a special bonus to how that player plays the game.
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How can I get Osprey Adrift?

The game will be launching on Kickstarter in summer, 2017! You can pledge your support and get a copy of the game – before it hits store shelves.

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After the Kickstarter, Osprey Adrift will be available at friendly local game stores.

Where can I find out more about Osprey Adrift?

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Who made Osprey Adrift?

Working on this game was one of the best experiences, and that’s in no small part due to the amazing team who spent countless hours on all the artwork and visuals.