After being attacked by an angry kraken, the One Winged Osprey is lost at sea. Food is running low for you and your fellow pirates, and there won’t be a rescue any time soon. To make matters worse, there seems to be a group of cannibals on board, making their way through the crew at night, one by one…

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Osprey Adrift is a card game of deduction, deception, and cannibalism set aboard the fictional pirate ship, the One Winged Osprey, during the golden age of piracy. Each player takes the role of a hungry pirate who is either sane of mind, or a cannibal. If you’re sane, it’s up to you to figure out who the cannibals are so you can force them to walk the plank. And if you’re a cannibal? Convince the sane that you’re one of them so you can turn them into your next dinner…


Game Contents

  • 1 Rulebook
  • 164 Cards

Osprey Adrift features:

  • Unique gameplay that combines bluffing and hidden identities with hand management, bidding, and secret trades
  • Cards featuring gorgeous illustrations by the talented Fiona Marchbank in her signature graphic style
  • Graphic design that evokes the world of the cursed One Winged Osprey during the golden age of piracy, done by the amazing Kaela Torres

What is a “social deduction” game?

Simply put, “social deduction” is used to describe games which rely on players to use their skills of… you guessed it… social deduction. But more specifically, social deduction games often require players to bluff or convince the other players that they are working toward a common goal. Players usually belong to different teams, but exactly which team they’re on is a secret. Popular games like Mafia, Werewolf, and The Resistance are all social deduction games.

Because social deduction games use bluffing and secret alliances, they’re perfect to play at parties. And while Osprey Adrift is very well-suited for large groups, it can be played with just a few friends as well.  Osprey Adrift is balanced for 4-12 players, and takes approximately 10 minutes per player to play.









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Role Cards

Players are dealt a Role at the start of the game to determine which of the Osprey’s crew they’re playing as. Each Role has a unique ability that slightly changes how they play the game.

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Identity Cards

At the start of the game, each player is also given a secret Identity card that tells them which team they’re on: the Sane or the Cannibals. Though outnumbered, the Cannibals know who is on their team. The Sane aren’t as lucky, and must rely on their skills of deduction to determine who is working with them and who is working against them.

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The Victim Card

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Action Cards

Actions are powerful cards that can be played during the Day each round. They allow players to do a number of things from looking at a fellow crewmate’s Identity card, to gagging a player and preventing them from speaking, to bringing a dead crewmate back to life.

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Resource Cards

Most Action cards can only be played at a cost… This is where Resources come into play. You could hope to draw the right Resource cards from the Scavenge deck… or you could trade with another player. Trades in Osprey Adrift happen in a separate room, away from the rest of the players, so they’re a useful way to hold pirates’ parley and conspire with your fellow crewmates.

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Coin Cards

Coins are more than just victory points in Osprey Adrift. They’re used each round at Dawn in a ship-wide bid to become Captain, and they can be bartered for other cards (like that bit of Gunpowder you might need to shoot Three Tongued Sal). Coins come in one of three different nationalities: British, Goan, and Spanish. At the end of the game, if you have a Coin of each nationality, you score three bonus Coins.

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Food Cards

Osprey Adrift includes an element of crisis: the crew is starving to death. It’s up to players to manage their hand of cards and ensure they find and keep enough Food so they can stay alive (even if it means begging the rest of the crew for a trade). The type of Food players can eat, however, is determined by their Identity. Only Cannibals can eat Human Flesh cards. The Sane have a much more… limited supply. Food becomes a serious concern in games with a larger number of players. More players means more rounds. And more rounds means more opportunities to starve.

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Ring Cards

Even though the One Winged Osprey is lost at sea, the pirates’ code is still intact… barely. Each round, players use their Rings to cast votes for who they think should walk the plank. The Captain gets to decide the order in which players vote – a powerful psychological advantage – and they’ll cast the tiebreaking vote should the need arise.

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The game was launched and successfully funded via Kickstarter in June, 2017. Because we were only able to do a limited print-run, we’re unfortunately unable to offer the game for online retail. However, if you missed the Kickstarter and it’s not for sale at your FLGS, don’t worry! You can download a free print-and-play version of the full game right here:

Osprey Adrift – Print & Play – Full Art – English

Osprey Adrift – Print & Play – Full Art – Français