Hey, gang!  I’m super excited to announce that closed beta testing for Osprey Adrift is almost complete, and blind playtesting will starting soon!  What all this means is… I need your help!  If you’re interested in being a playtester for Osprey Adrift, read on:

What is blind playtesting?

When a group of people play a game that’s still in development and they give their feedback, it’s called playtesting. When those people also receive no explanation about the game’s rules, and have to instead learn it themselves from the game’s printed rule book, it’s called ‘blind playtesting.’  The playtesters aren’t able to discuss the game with the person who made it; they’re essentially going in ‘blind.’

Why is blind playtesting important?

Blind playtesting is important because it helps the game designer see if there are any glaring holes in the rules to the game. It also allows many more people to provide input on how the game plays. This input is invaluable to the game design process, and it brings people together from all over to work on something really cool!

I want to be a playtester! What’s involved?

  1. You’ll be asked to sign up by sending us an email and providing some basic information (see below).
  2. We’ll mail you a prototype copy of the game, and email you a feedback form to write down your thoughts and feelings about the game.
  3. You play the game!
  4. Email us your feedback. You get to keep the prototype copy of the game.

Being a playtester is a great way to get a free game (while it’s not the final version, it’s still a fairly high quality game that you can put on your shelf). You’ll get to play with your friends, and be a part of bringing Osprey Adrift to life! Plus, you’ll have your name printed in the credits of the final version of the game. Pretty cool.

How do I sign up?

Send an email to pluckyrobot [at] gmail [dot] com with “Blind Playtest” as the subject line.

In your email, be sure to include the following:

  • Your name
  • How many people are in your gaming group (This will have to be anywhere from 4-12)
  • The names of the other people in your gaming group
  • The address you’ll want the game sent to

Sign-up will go through April 1st, and the playtesting will go through May 31st – you’ll need to send your feedback by that time.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Until next time. Keep it plucky,



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