Hey, gang!

Work is barrelling along on our Kickstarter campaign for Osprey Adrift! We’ve been putting in a lot of sleepless nights, making sure everything is spot-on and ready to go! I’m working on the videos, and Kaela is putting together all the promotional artwork and page elements.

For now, I want to share some promo pics that I whipped up – go ahead and share your fave characters as we head into the home stretch! Until next time, gang. Keep it plucky!


COMING SOON - Betsy Miles-01.pngCOMING SOON - Christopher Cross-01.pngCOMING SOON - Iron Eye Cordelia-01.pngCOMING SOON - Lady Ravenrose-01.pngCOMING SOON - Maximilian Black-01.pngCOMING SOON - Old Grizelda-01.pngCOMING SOON - Padre Alonso De Oro-01.pngCOMING SOON - Silverbeard-01.pngCOMING SOON - Sister Aldina-01.pngCOMING SOON - Three Tongued Sal-01.pngCOMING SOON - Tin Toothed Hines-01.pngCOMING SOON - Tiny-01.png

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