Phew! What a ride!

Now that the dust has settled from our Kickstarter campaign, I want to take a moment to thank everyone who was a part of it! Thank you, thank you, a thousand times, thank you!

The truly hard work can begin now – there’s the last of the artwork to finish, rules editing to finalize, digital files to prep, the product to proof, manufacturing, freight, and shipping. If you want to follow along with progress, you can always check out the updates on our Kickstarter page – even if you weren’t a backer during the campaign. Nothing is kept hidden; we want to be as transparent as possible throughout the entire process.

We’re aiming to have pre-ordering set up within the next week or two, so if you did miss the campaign, you can reserve a copy of the game and get it as soon as it is fresh off the presses, right after the Kickstarter backers get ahold of theirs.

We’re also aiming to have the free downloadable print-and-play version of the game available sometime in August. This is a great way to get the game if you don’t have the money to spend on the full quality real deal. Obviously, it won’t be quite at the same level as the retail version, but all the content will be there – you’ll just have to print it out and cut it yourself.

Thanks again to everyone who helped us make Osprey Adrift a reality! You guys are the absolute best!

Until next time, gang. Keep it plucky,


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