Hey gang!  I’ve been hard at work putting together all the pieces of Osprey Adrift, and I’ll have a lot of big things to show and talk about over the coming weeks.

For now, I want to announce one of the awesomely talented artists who is working on the game: Kaela Torres.

Kaela is a painter and graphic artist, and she’s going to be in charge of all the graphic design elements of Osprey Adrift, from the card layouts to the rulebook to the retail box, and even that little logo no one wants to see in front of them when they’re playing the game:  “The Victim.” (Even though it means you’re dead, the logo still has to look cool!)

She’s currently working on the game’s main logo, and after talking through some sketches, I’m absoultely certain that you will all be blown away when it’s done!  Exciting stuff, gang!  I can’t wait to share more!

In the meantime, check out some of Kaela’s work below.

Keep it plucky,


American Honey.png



2 thoughts on “The Crow’s Nest: Artist Spotlight, Kaela Torres

  1. What an amazing artist! Looks like you are going to be in the best hands with your graphics!! Can’t wait to see the final out come!!!!

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